Follow These Vastu Tips for a South Facing House

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  • Jun 18, 2019

As evident by the name, south facing house has its main entrance door opening to the south. As per Vastu Shastra, all directions are considered equal. Ideally, the main entrance should be east or north facing for the family to completely benefit from it. However, in case you have a south-facing house, you don’t need to be concerned. You can follow some beneficial Vastu tips for the south facing entrance of your home. These tips will not only help you live a long life but provide you with a prosperous future as well.

South Facing

1. South-East Facing Entrance

According to Vastu for a south-east facing house entrance, you can put the Gayatri Mantra on each side of it. It is believed that a southeast facing door brings anger, legal disputes, and illness. Therefore, you can use coral, metal copper, and yellow sapphires to decrease the ill effects of a southeast facing entrance as per Vastu Shastra.

2. South-West Facing Entrance

As far as the Vastu for a south-west facing house is concerned, it is said to bring in negative energy. Many people believe it to be some kind of evil energy that brings in struggles and misfortune to the family. To prevent any of this from occurring, you would need to use two Hanuman Ji tiles holding a club or a gada in the left hand on any one side of the doorway. Gems such as yellow sapphires and various other earth crystals can also be used strategically to decrease this severe effect.

3. Vastu for South Facing House

If your entrance is directly facing the south, it would bring in disruptions like arguments and disagreements. However, in more generic terms, south facing house denotes a huge amount of social activity.

To rectify the negative effects of a south facing house, you can place two tiles of Hanuman Ji on any of the two sides. Another thing that you can do is to put a cat’s eye gems in any form as well.

It is important to note that an exception does exist for a south facing house. If the location of the south-facing entrance is on the 4th pada, i.e. out of the nine south facing wall sections if it is located on the fourth one, it is actually considered beneficial and auspicious for the residents of the house.

4. Vastu Guidelines for House Entrance

When you carry out your Vastu puja, is when you should install the entrance door. It is good to have two doors, one for the entry and one for the exit. The entrance door should be larger than the other doors in the house. When you install your main entrance door, make sure that the door is clockwise and opens inwards. In addition to this, make sure that it has a threshold. Keep the main entrance visible and well-lit, and make sure you implement all of these Vastu tips to eliminate any negative energy.

5. Other Points to Remember

The main door in your home should not directly face another house’s entrance. Also, there should not be a lamp-post or tree towards the main door’s front. Another point to note here is to not place the entrance in front of an abandoned building. Also, make sure that there isn’t septic or underground tank under the entrance. Install a self-closing door and ensure that it does not creak.

These are some of the effective vastu tips for a south facing home. Follow these tips to keep the negative energies at bay, and bring in the positive energies.

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