Let Positivity Flow Into Your Home With These Simple Vastu Tips

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  • Feb 06, 2019

We all wish and pray for calmness, peace and prosperity in our homes. Being positive and praying is a good thing, but have you ever given a thought to what else you can do to achieve your life goals and attract peace and positivity? If yes, then Vastu for home can help you. This ancient and traditional element of Indian architecture provides tips that can help you achieve your goals and dreams while bringing peace and calmness to your home. The fundamentals of Vastu use energies of various sources, including solar and celestial. Vastu tips for home helps balance various energies which is the key to bringing in success and peace to you and your family.

Vastu tips take into consideration the layout, design, measurement and spatial coordinates to help create an aura of peace and harmony in your home. Vastu is one of those things that that will truly make a “house” your “home”. If you are constructing a home, you can ensure that the construction is done in accordance with the basic recommended Vastu for home. This will ensure that negative energies do not set foot in your house. The same is true when you move into a new house. All you need to do is consult a Vastu expert, and you will get tips for all parts of your home, right from the main door Vastu to master bedroom Vastu tips. 
To help you plan your home’s setup, here are a few Vastu tips:
The Living Room
The living room in a house serves as a playground to a variety of energies that enter your home. This is because of the guests and family members that gather in here. All these people carry a variety of energies with them, some of which are positive while some are negative. One must make sure that only positive energy enters the house. Vastu tips for home suggest that the host must face North or East when the guests visit. Also, the guests must be seated opposite the host. This can be done through a simple seating arrangement. Also, ensure that all electronic items must face south, that is the direction of fire. This will ensure that positive energy flows through your house. 
The Bedroom
The bedroom is the most important room in every home. This makes it vital that it stays full of positive aura, all the time. Vastu for bedroom suggests that the door must remain open for definite periods of time as this is necessary for channelling positive energy into the bedroom. Also, according to Vastu, the sleeping direction should be south to north i.e. the head must face south as the direction is the most calming and comfortable one. Make sure that you de-clutter your bedroom and only keep stuff that is absolutely necessary. Unhindered and abundant flow of light is also must in a bedroom. 
The Kitchen
As per Vastu, the best place to set up a kitchen is the south-west corner or the north-west one; either one will work fine. According to Vastu tips for kitchen, all burners and stoves must face the south direction while the drinking water should be in the northeast side. As the kitchen has different energies, it is better to set it as far away from the bedroom as possible. 
The Prayer/Pooja Room
The Pooja room is one of the most auspicious and important place in a house. The room serves as an engine that drives and circles various energies throughout the house. It is therefore important that special attention is given when designing and placing the Pooja room. Vastu tips for Pooja room state that the best and the most auspicious direction and place for the room is the north-east corner of the house. If this direction is not feasible, the room can be set in either the east or the west side of the house. If the Pooja room is set as per Vastu, it can keep driving harmonious vibes throughout the house, thereby heightening the positive energy. 
The Placement
Placement is very important in Vastu. For optimum confluence of good energies, every room has to be located in a particular spot as per the basic Vastu for home. For example, east is the direction that the main door should face as per Vastu. This is to allow the entrance of light into your house. The bedrooms must be in the south-west corners. Further, the Vastu tips for toilet say that the bathrooms should be built in the northwest corners.  
For many of us, following such specific Vastu suggestions can be tedious, impractical or even impossible. But there is nothing you need to worry about. The suggestions are more of guidelines that you can follow while defining the setup of your home, so that it is as Vastu compliant as possible. 


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