Easy Vastu Tips to Be Followed in 2019

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  • Jan 15, 2019

While a lot of people don’t pay attention to vastu shastra when they buy new homes, disregarding the principles as little more than simplistic beliefs, vastu tips for the home are much more than just beliefs. Vastu shastra is actually an architectural science that people all over the country follow. The basis of vastu is the various energy sources in the world that one may harness to bring positivity into their homes. According to vastu, if one is able to balance the celestial and solar energy, they will find it easy to introduce peace, harmony, and even success into their living space. Even if you have already built or bought your new house or apartment, there are several vastu tips for the home that can be incorporated into already standing structures.
That being said, here are some specially curated Vastu tips for 2019 that you can utilize at your home:

(A): The Main Entrance

It is a well-known fact under vastu shastra that the main entrance of your home should be east facing. As the sun rises from the east, the direction is considered to be the ideal location for a main entrance. Vastu is of the belief that the direct rays of the sun entering the home will be able to help the incorporation of positivity in your home, and this works best if if the entrance is in line with the light.

(B): The Position of the Bed

If your home has already been constructed, changing your bedroom’s location may not be a possible solution. Hence, listicles for Vastu Tips for 2019 suggest that you adjust the position of your bed. Placing the headboard of the bed against a south side wall in the room is suggested. This way, you will be able to incorporate a certain element of peace into your bedroom, leading to an overall more soothing and calming experience.

(C): Adding Water Elements

The next vastu tip for your home, whether it is being constructed or has already been constructed, is to add a water element in the northern corner. Whether the area is a room or an open space, there are many ways in which you can add a water element to your home. It can either be something as elaborate as a fountain or something as simple as a water bowl with floating candles. They both will be able to offer a similar effect, i.e. encourage financial stability and growth.

(D): The Power of Plants

Whether you live in a flats or an apartment, a touch of greenery is always an important aspect. However, according to vastu tips for your home, it is also quite important to pay attention to the types of plants you choose. Make sure that you grow shrubs and plants that do not produce milk. For example, plants like peace lilies or bamboos are great for the home.

(E): The Location of the Kitchen

If the southern room in your home is being used for some other purpose, you should try to see if you can convert it into a kitchen. The southern corner is considered to be the most ideal for cooking under vastu shastra as it can help imbibe positive vibes in the food that you eat regularly. You can also try to align the kitchen to the main entrance in order to increase the flow of positive energy.

(F): Open Decor

One more from the top vastu tips for 2019 is to try to create airy and open areas. When you over decorate your rooms, you don’t just end up making the space look more crowded, it may also introduce some negative vibes to the space. One of the best ways to avoid this is to follow a minimalistic approach with your interior design. Also, don’t forget to make sure that the rooms have ample light and are well-lit.

(G): The Colours of the Walls

This is one of the easier vastu tips for 2019 that you can follow without any hassles. When you are colouring the walls of your home, always try to opt for lighter shades. It is believed that darker shades are some of the main causes of a negative ambience and may even feel a bit depressing. Besides this, darker shades may also make a room look gloomier.

(H): Adding Wooden Furniture

The last vastu tip for 2019 is for you to try and incorporate wooden furniture in the home. It is believed that wooden furniture brings harmony within the family. One more thing that you should remember is to make sure that the wooden furniture is of a regular size and shape. Too many edges and corners should be avoided.
Following such simple vastu tips for the home can actually affect a lot of difference, making it a welcoming place to return to after work every evening. So tell us, which ones have you implemented at your home? 

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