RECENTLY Booked Projects

The locations listed below have seen a high frequency of recent bookings. The list below is based on customer purchase
patterns. As such, this list is constantly updated in real time.

Date Booking ID Customer Name Property Type Location
05-05-2019 MPB052019268 Sreenivasulu 3 bhk Ambattur Chennai
04-05-2019 MPB052019267 SomaSundari 2 bhk Ambattur Chennai
02-05-2019 MPB052019266 Venkata Krishnan 3 bhk GST Road Chennai
01-05-2019 MPB052019265 Phandi 2 bhk Ambattur Chennai
01-05-2019 MPB052019264 Vivek 3 bhk Whitefield Bangalore
01-05-2019 MPB052019263 T Ramanujam 3 bhk Vandalur Chennai
01-05-2019 MPB052019262 Dinesh babu 3 bhk Porur Chennai
30-04-2019 MPB042019261 Ramesh.M 2 bhk Porur Chennai
29-04-2019 MPB042019260 Manikandan 2 bhk GST Road Chennai
27-04-2019 MPB042019259 Udhaya Kumar 3 bhk Ambattur Chennai