Kolkata, the city of joy, is one of the seven most popular cities in India has a dramatic positive change in the real estate industry over the years. The demand for commercial and residential spaces are rising every day. The city is well known for its real estate builders that are attracting from all over the country. Buying a property in Kolkata is not a big deal now! My Property Boutique has a premier collection of elite properties. Be it a residential or commercial property we have peculiar certified real estate properties in Kolkata at your budget.

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The Residential Investment and infrastructure in Kolkata are well-developed. My Property Boutique has a well-experienced team of experts who will help you in finding the best properties for sale in Kolkata. We help you in finding the best technological solutions to avail the best property in Kolkata. Our team of experts have gone ground research through the real estate offerings in the city and made it an easy part for customers to access the trusted builders in the town.

Before investing in a property make a clear view of the purpose of the investments. If you are looking for a residential place, then apartments or flats in Kolkata are the best choices if you are looking for a residential property investment then look for the best location where you can expect a higher return on investment. We, here in My Property Boutique have a list of properties in and around Kolkata in our queue. You can choose the best real estate property in Kolkata based on your needs and budget.

We assure you that you can explore properties with different kinds of amenities, configurations, features and locations to find the best place that well satisfies the customers need.

For people who are looking to buy flats in Kolkata, then investing in a newly launched projects or pre-launched building would be the best choice. Investing in a pre-launch project is beneficial for both residential as well as commercial properties. Kolkata is one of the best cities where many real estate builders offer various payment options and plans for their projects, especially for common people who are investing in residential property like apartments or flats in Kolkata.

One of the biggest advantages of people investing in the under-construction building is that they can avail delayed payment options that are, they can make the payment in instalments option. On the other hand, you can choose your plot based on your requirements like the first floor, nearby lift, front-facing, etc., so you get a wide choice to select your property.

There are certainly important factors to keep in mind while investing in under-construction projects. My Property Boutique goes ahead by ensuring the safety and peace to our investors. Contact our expert team to know the information the best available newly launched projects in Kolkata.

The demand for luxury apartments and properties in Kolkata is increasing day-by-day. My Property Boutique has high-class amenities apartments and residential houses with elegant and modern infrastructure. Our technical team of experts works towards to curate a list of projects that meet the requirements of the modern buyers who lookout for the best luxury house in Kolkata.

If you are in search of the best luxury flats or house in Kolkata, then go ahead browsing our website for the most existing and well-infrastructured luxury projects in the city. We ensure that you will be satisfied with our refined list of properties that serve best amenities with sophisticated contemporary architectural designs which together creates an epitome of luxuries looks for the buyers. Here, we have categorized our luxuries projects based on the upscale location, amenities and features, exquisite infrastructure, and flexible transportation to other parts of the city.

Check our exciting luxury projects in Kolkata at the best industrial price and the most trusted real estate builders in Kolkata.

Affordable housing is constructed, keeping in mind of people who have a household income below the national average. In the year 2012, the Indian government quoted that ‘housing for all’ was the need of the country to achieve holistic development of India. The aim of providing affordable properties in Kolkata is to offer their own house to people who are economically weaker insections, lower and middle-income groups.

From now, Buying a property will not be an unimaginable thing. My Property Boutique has specially designed the most compact and affordable properties in Kolkata with modern infrastructure designs. The procedure and policies for affordable housing are quite different compared to other housing projects. We are here to help you find the finest new and authorized properties in Kolkata at an economical price.

Hereafter, buying a property will never be a problem for middle-class people, Contact us or visit our website to see the finest collection of affordable housing in Kolkata.


Why Buying Properties in Kolkata with My Property Boutique?

Kolkata is the capital city of West Bengal, where civilization has grown higher over the years. The development of MNCs and corporate companies have increased the land value in Kolkata. From Mughal empire to till date, the city is well known for its cultural heritage and artistic thoughts in India. Kolkata is considered as a home to the number for top national as well as multinational companies from all sectors like automobiles, IT, industries, banking, medical, tourism, entertainment industries. The increase in MNC companies and other industries have made the migration of people for jobs that makes the city for the best rental income and economically stable city to live in that leads to rise in demand for properties in Kolkata.

Being a metropolitan city transportation is easily accessible in this city. Buying a property in one of the oldest cities in India is no way makes your investment a failure. Kolkata is well known for its specialized and featured builders. Kolkata is considered as one of the safest and best to live for the long term where property investment expected to rise in the future.

Buy and Sell Properties in Kolkata with My property Boutique

My Property Boutique is one of the most trusted and reliable platforms to sell and buy real estate properties in Chennai. We have a longer footprint in the industry, which has made us strong to categorize the right property based on the customers need. Approaching our experts would help you to find the personalized properties in Kolkata based on your preferred locality and area you are interested in. There is a huge number of property sellers and buyers in the city. We are one of the trusted aggregators in connecting the customers with valuable builders based on their requirements and budget.

Why should you invest in properties in Kolkata

Property investment in Kolkata is one of the best options as you can different kinds of project categories. If you are looking for property investment in Kolkata, then you have diversified options. We categorized properties into two types, such as commercial and residential. The residential property divided into 2 BHK, 3 BHK and many more based on your requirement. If you are so concerned towards budget then no worry, we even have budget-friendly flats in peak cities of Kolkata.  

If you are gazing for a high classed luxuries apartment in Kolkata, then we have projects that provides top featured amenities and service with excellent safety and maintenance. On the other hand, Some people might wish for investment in an individual house to build your dream house on their own. We even have plots for that at the centrally accessible place in the town. Our experts will also suggest you the best builders in the city with a quality building.

Safest and budget-friendly Properties

We all knew that Kolkata is one of the safest cities in India. We safety is given more importance. So, living away from hometown will be fear-free for other state people. The city’s price is currently witnessing a higher growth. This gives the property buyer in Kolkata the assurance of buying property in Kolkata in the right decision. The land value in the city expected to increase over the years. The properties in areas like Newtown and Rajarhat have a higher chance of price growth. Due to the demand for properties in these parts of the city, the land value is witnessing an increase.

 Easy EMI and Loans

Being a notch city in the town, getting loans are more comfortable compared to other cities. Seek for authorized state level or national level banks where you can get best housing loans and low interest.

The property development in Kolkata has a positive growth with a slew of beautified infrastructure projects in Kolkata. It is a wise choice to invest in smart city like Kolkata where the property value to expected to double in the next 5 to 10 years. Buying a property in Kolkata with My Property Boutique does not end with selling; we also extend to serve our customers by providing maintenance. We are authorized and certified professional real estate agents in Kolkata.

Why should you invest in
  • Kolkata is the seventh most populous city in India, which makes it a high demand for property in the city.
  • Flats in Kolkata are available at a more affordable price compared to other metro cities, thus driving most people interest towards real estate property investment in Kolkata.
  • Kolkata is the third most populous metropolitan city in India with fast-growing technologies and residential hub. Kolkata is known as ‘City of Joy’ concerning cultural capital and architectural motifs.
  • The development of the city with activities with Garia- airport link, Bypass connecting metro areas, construction of flyers, the future land value in Kolkata has strong prospective growth.
  • Kolkata is famous for its modern real estate buildings and infrastructure with high rises buildings. The city is the best place to invest for people looking for luxury properties with high-class amenities.
  • The real estate developers are offering many new flats in Kolkata for sale at a very affordable to cater to the demand for properties. Kolkata is the city of IT parks and companies, which makes the city best rental income for the investors.

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