A favoured dream for many, if you plan to buy a home in Chennai, it is a decision that should be taken after due thought. Investment in real estate in Chennai requires major capital and hence, as an investor, you should be able to avail all the assistance you need in the process. If you are looking for the right property for sale in Chennai, My Property Boutique can help ensure a hassle-free property buying experience.

Dedicated to helping you find the best property to buy in Chennai, one that perfectly suits your requirements, My Property Boutique is backed by a team of highly experienced realty experts and researchers. Aided by the best technological solutions available in Chennai’s real estate sector, the team at My Property Boutique is able to study the latest trends in Chennai properties to provide patrons with the best property listings with some of the top existing and upcoming infrastructure projects in Chennai that see a positive influx of investors at any given point in time.

We at My Property Boutique have been curating a list of the best property sites in Chennai in order to offer patrons easy access to the top trending apartments, homes, and plots in the Chennai real estate sector. Our team of professionals has sieved through the real estate offerings in the city and vetted them completely to ensure that you can get easy access to the most trusted builders in Chennai, India. In your quest to buy your dream property in Chennai, we have created listings for the best and most trending properties in Chennai real estate. Depending on your needs and requirements, you can explore properties with different configurations, amenities, and locations to find the most suitable one for yourself. My Property Boutique assists you throughout your endeavour to buy a house in Chennai.

For a lot of people looking to buy a home in Chennai, the option of investing in one of the new and upcoming buildings in Chennai may be the best idea. This is an idea that comes through on the residential as well as investment standpoints. There are many builders in Chennai, India who offer various payment plans for their projects, especially when it comes to people investing in their new upcoming apartments in Chennai. With investments made in under-construction projects, people may even be able to avail delayed payment options.

When it comes to investments in one of the upcoming residential projects in Chennai, the fact remains that a majority of the population is conditioned to not trust the authenticity of a project where they are unable to see the finished project. Another major issue faced by the upcoming residential projects in Chennai is the apprehension people tend to feel regarding the project being able to meet deadlines, which, in turn, would jeopardize their investment.

With the introduction of RERA, a lot of these concerns have been dealt with when it comes to investing in under-construction property for sale in Chennai. However, My Property Boutique goes a step further to ensure peace of mind for homebuyers. All the under-construction property sites in Chennai that are listed with us are vetted thoroughly to ensure that they are authentic, so we can provide you with the best options in Chennai real estate

Luxury houses in Chennai will always see a high demand in the city, thanks to the best-in-class amenities they have to offer along with the elegant modern architecture that is generally used for the development of the best luxury houses in Chennai. The team of expert professionals at My Property Boutique utilises the best of technological solutions to be able to curate a list of projects that can meet the requirements of the modern homebuyer who is out to purchase the best luxury house in Chennai.

If you too are on the lookout for the most suitable luxury house in Chennai, you can browse our website for the most exclusive listings for existing as well as upcoming luxury projects in Chennai. At these premium living options, you can expect the best of advanced amenities as well as elegant modern architectural designs that come together to form an epitome of luxury living for homebuyers. Here, you can look through the best property sites in Chennai and shortlist them based on the amenities they offer, like an upscale location, up-to-date facilities, exquisite infrastructure, easy accessibility to other parts of the city, luxurious properties, modern fixtures, and other requirements you have for enjoying a luxurious living.

There are a number of upcoming luxury projects in Chennai that are listed here at My Property Boutique at some of the best prices, and by the most trusted builders in Chennai, India. You can find the top property sites in Chennai right here at My Property Boutique, one of the top websites for property in Chennai, India.

Affordable housing is a term used to refer to the new properties in Chennai that have been developed keeping in mind the people who have a household income that is below the national average. In 2012, the government realised on a national level that ‘housing for all’ was the need of the hour if they were to achieve holistic development for India. The aim of affordable housing in Chennai is to offer the people in the economically weaker sections, low-income and middle-income groups with accommodation that is at par with accommodation in urban areas and is equipped with all required amenities, but developed for people with lower household incomes.

The policies that are applicable to an affordable property in Chennai are tailored differently, understanding which can be quite a task for a common homebuyer. However, with the help of the highly experienced workforce employed at My Property Boutique, you will find that looking for new properties in Chennai in affordable housing projects will not be hard at all.

From being able to find the right property in Chennai, India to helping the homebuyer understand the policies that are applied to affordable housing and to finalising the most suited property, My Property Boutique offers assistance throughout the property buying process to ensure that the homebuyer has a completely hassle-free experience.

One of the best websites for property in Chennai, you can explore My Property Boutique for the best options in affordable housing in your pursuit to buy a home in Chennai.


Why Buy Properties in Chennai With My Property Boutique

Chennai is the cultural capital of South India and is one of India’s favourite real estate markets. The city has a rich history and has been a major cultural, social and trade hub since the times of the East India Company. The city as we know it today started to take shape in the 17th century. It used to be a small fishing village named ‘Madraspatnam’ that was situated along the Coromandel Coast. The foundations of the city were laid in 1644 by the East India Company after they constructed Fort St. George. Slowly, it became a major trade and administration hub after which the city started to take shape.

Thanks to major opportunities in real estate, Chennai emerged as one of the four metro cities in India after the post-independence era. The recent years have seen a spurt of real estate developments in Chennai. The rise of affordable housing projects, luxury houses, and other property for sale in Chennai has been due to the city’s booming economy. Chennai is home to a number of top national as well as international companies from sectors such as those in the IT and ITeS, automobiles, electronic hardware, banking and finance, construction, medical tourism, textiles, petrochemicals, and entertainment industries. These industries are responsible for generating thousands of jobs, directly and indirectly, leading to a rise in demand for properties in Chennai.

There are other factors that have contributed to the rise of the real estate sector in Chennai and have made it India’s favourite real estate market. The city is a preferred place to live for many as it has a culturally diverse and socially cosmopolitan society. Another key reason to consider buying property in Chennai, India is that it has been rated as the safest city in India by Quality of Living Survey. BBC also called it a city worth living in the long-term. There are also a number of upcoming infrastructure projects in Chennai, making it wise to buy a house in Chennai, India as property prices are expected to rise in the future.

Buy and Sell Property in Chennai with My Property Boutique

Whether you are planning to sell property in Chennai or are in the market for a new purchase, My Property Boutique is exactly what you need. Your best assistant for when you want to buy properties in Chennai, My Property Boutique has the presence, expertise, and the knowledge that you require to find the right property. When you choose to buy a house in Chennai with the expert assistance of My Property Boutique, you get a personalised approach that comes with a real estate agent, as our experienced team offers you localised, real-time knowledge of the area that you are interested in. Apart from that, you also get the expertise of a real estate industry leader who makes sure that you get the most authentic and competitive deal in buying property in Chennai. There is a huge number of developers and properties in Chennai, and we are one of the biggest real estate aggregators offering you the assistance you require to buy suitable properties in Chennai.

Why should you invest in properties in Chennai

Investing in a property that is for sale in Chennai is a wise and bankable option. There are many reasons for it, top among which are:

Options to Suit Your Budget

In Chennai’s real estate, you will be able to find options for all categories of properties. For those looking to buy property in Chennai, there is no dearth of options. One can find affordable homes and plots in Chennai as well as duplex apartments in the city. There are many upcoming affordable and luxury projects for property in Chennai, India. At the same time, there are a number of properties in Chennai that are available for sale in the secondary market as well. This ensures that those looking for a new property along with those looking for the older ones can find the right real estate options for investment. A budget of around 30 to 50 Lakh can be easily invested in an upcoming affordable housing project in Chennai which has 1BHK or 2BHK apartments. A higher budget, Rs. 1 crore and above, can easily get you a villa or flat in an upcoming luxury project in the city. Whatever your real estate requirements, you will easily find the best Chennai property for sale at My Property Boutique.

Safe Option

An investment in Chennai’s real estate market is a relatively safer option, especially when compared to other investment avenues, such as mutual funds, gold, stocks, forex, etc. Real estate does witness periods of highs and lows but they are not as drastic as other markets and are profitable in the long term. Property in Chennai is also amongst the few markets that have seen good growth in the last two decades and are yet to achieve their full potential. An investment in affordable plots or homes in Chennai will get you good returns over the next 5 – 10 years.

Price Appreciation

The city’s economy is currently witnessing a phase of high growth; this gives the investor the assurance that the buying property in Chennai, India is the right decision as prices are expected to increase in the future. The city has witnessed a lot of investment from major MNCs in the IT sector as well. The IT hub along ECR and OMR, along with TIDEL Park and Ascendas IT Park has been attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in thousands of crores and more is expected to make its way to the city. There are also a number of upcoming infrastructure projects in Chennai that will give a further boost to the real estate market in the city. The city is also expected to get an overhaul as it is a part of the government’s smart city project.

Rental Returns

If you are on the lookout for a safe way to invest your money and earn good returns on the same, you can buy a property in Chennai, India, and rent it out. There has been a consistent demand for affordable rental homes in Chennai which is largely driven by the workforce that is working in the various industrial estates, SEZs, and IT Parks spread across the city. As someone who buys a home in Chennai and rents it out, you won’t face any major problems letting out your property, and you will mostly be dealing with educated professionals. The rental income in several areas of the city has seen a consistent upward trajectory, which makes it yet another reason to invest in Chennai properties.

Future Growth

In the times to come, the development of property in Chennai will be both quantitative as well as qualitative. The government has announced a slew of beautification and infrastructure projects in Chennai. Some of these include the monorail project, new metro routes, renovation of lakes and water bodies, etc. Chennai, as mentioned earlier, is being developed as a smart city which will improve the liveability factor for the residents. With all these initiatives, the city would surely improve its ranking as a world-class city, attracting more investment from national as well as foreign companies. This would further spur the growth of real estate in Chennai.

Why should you invest in
  • Being named as one of the top 12 upcoming destinations for luxury properties, the property value in Chennai has been predicted to increase with time.
  • Huge FDI investments in real estate and property in Chennai is one of the reasons for the city's increased visibility in the international community.
  • The successful launch of the Chennai Metro, upcoming infrastructure development, efficient civic bodies, etc. have contributed to the increase in liveability quotient, and consequently, the demand for Chennai properties.
  • Flat prices in Chennai are more affordable than other metros, thus driving real estate in Chennai.
  • Many developers are offering new flats for sale in Chennai to cater to the rising demand, which has resulted in a lot of options and a lot of price ranges.
  • Buy Properties in Chennai to harness a rental income. Numerous IT hubs in the city have powered the rental market. Many professionals, being unsure of their period of stay, are on the lookout for rental houses when in the city.

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