Your Guide To Making Your House Vastu Compliant

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  • Aug 16, 2019

Vastu Shastra and What It is

Vastu Shastra is traditional Hindu system of architecture that literally refers to “science of architecture”. The ancient texts of vastu shastra define principles of layout, design, space arrangement, ground preparation and spatial geometry and comprise of both Hindu and Buddhist beliefs.

Vastu Shastra draws its guidelines from “vastu vidya”, which constitutes of a broader knowledge of architecture and design theories. It relates architecture to several other factors such as nature, ancient beliefs utilizing geometric patterns, relative functions of various parts of the structure, directional alignments and symmetry.

Although vastu shastra was initially brought up for the construction of temples, it soon began being utilized for residential, commercial and industrial establishments too. The idea behind the use of vastu shastra was to offer a living space that is not only healthy but also has better energy balance for practicing yoga.

Despite being ancient, Vastu shastra is utilized for functional architectural designs even in the modern times. And, it works for multiple directions, including vastu for east facing house, and for north and south facing ones as well.

Why Make Your House Vastu Compliant

It is believed that referring to vastu shastra principles for the construction of a house can be life-changing for people. Vastu compliance within one’s residence can bring about positivity, good health, prosperity and mental bliss.

There are various advantages of vastu compliance, which include: –

  1. It Leads to good structuring and use of space
  2. Brings about comfort and mental peace
  3. Improves vitality and overall health
  4. Creates supporting environment
  5. Offers inspiration and enhances efficiency
  6. Promotes well-being and brings fortune
  7. Offers peaceful and positive atmosphere
  8. Improves dealings and  relationships with people

Making your House Vastu Compliant

In addition to the above, vastu shastra also talks about the problems with relation to architecture that people make and how to remedy those.

Vastu Tips for East Facing House

Constructing a main entrance in the center is believed to auspicious for east facing houses as per vastu. Keep some open space in the north and east directions during construction. Further, having a water body in the northeast direction creates strong water element. Do not purchase plots attached to yours in the west or south directions. Keep the boundary wall low in the north and east sides of the house.

Vastu Tips for West Facing House

Do not provide slopes in the west direction to avoid frictions with partners; instead create one in the northeast zone to improve energy of the opposite direction. Avoid placement of obstructions like poles, or trees before the main entrance. Creating an underground tank or bore well in the northeast zone will boost site energy. 

Vastu Tips for North Facing House

Balance the north and south directions by opting for open terrace in the north and more construction in south. Do not make arches on doors or windows. Also avoid making pillars in the northeast side. Create roof slopes in the north or east direction of the house.

Vastu Tips for South Facing House

As per vastu, south facing houses hinder positive energy. Do not opt for plots that slope from north to south. Avoid cuts, extensions or car parking in the south. Do not create kitchen or anything related to water in the south-west zone. Keep the walls in the south and west directions thicker and higher than those in north and east.

Other Directions

  1. As per vastu, the South East corner is the Agni (fire) corner, as the ruling planet of this corner is Venus.  In vastu, the south east corner is more suitable for kitchens.
  2. On the other hand, the vastu for north east facing corner works on the fact that it is ruled by Jupiter (guru) which is best for creating a living room.
  3. It is the South West corner that is best suited for the creation of a master bedroom within the house. The North West corner ruled by Vayu is also good for a living room kind of arrangement.

A good understanding of directions and sub-directions is really vital to making your house vastu compliant. Since many prefer to live in vastu compliant houses, a lot of residential complexes these days are brought up in a manner that their architecture is line with vastu.

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