Why Should You Prefer Buying An Eco Friendly House?

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  • Feb 08, 2019

Our environment is going through significant changes, many of them not for the better. There are many reasons behind this transition, such as pollution, greenhouse effect, deforestation and various others. These problems are slowly depleting the planet that we live on in different ways, and severely impacting our health as well. To combat this, there is a dire need of adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle as our lives are exposed to a lot of risks. Plus, it is high time we do our bit in saving the environment.
Over the last few years, eco-friendly products have forayed into categories such as clothes, cosmetics, materials, and even commercial and house spaces. Going green in construction of buildings, houses, or commercial spaces is a trend that is spreading across the country, and with good reason. 
So, what Is An Eco-Friendly House? 
To put it in the most straight-forward manner, it is a house that helps in decreasing the carbon footprint, and sustaining the natural resources. The features of an eco-friendly house are using solar panels, energy-efficient lighting, energy-efficient air conditioning, water conserving appliances, low-emittance windows, wall insulation, etc.  
Living in an eco-friendly house benefits you and the environment in many different ways, some of which are:
     1. You live A Long And Healthy Life
Living in a healthy environment and being healthy are two things that are of utmost importance in life. If you live in an eco-friendly home, you are going to breathe in fresh air as you will be surrounded by lush green trees and plants, which will add years to your life.
Also, if you buy an eco-friendly house that is constructed with natural building materials, such as aerated and autoclaved concrete for exterior walls and fly ash bricks for interior walls, you will be protected from heat in a natural way. This is because these materials act as natural insulators and also contribute in increasing the lifespan of your housing complex. 
Hence, being surrounded by different eco-friendly features in your home is something that will definitely work towards your health.
     2. Environment-Friendly Surroundings
Your house will have a great environment (inside as well as outside) because there will be less pollution, conservation of energy, and less waste disposal. Plus, if your apartments and houses have lush green plants and trees, rainwater harvesting, landscaped gardens, solar power, sewage treatment and other environmental friendly features, these will benefit the nature, and give you a great environment to live in.
     3. Low Maintenance Houses That Help Save On Costs
After you purchase your eco-friendly house, you don’t need to spend a large amount of money thereafter. Eco-friendly houses are low maintenance and hence, require you to spend less money. This is because they use sustainable materials, such as chemical free paints, renewable energy (solar power), and various other recycled materials. All of this combined will help you save on costs.  
     4. You Get To Do Your Bit In Saving The Earth
By living in an eco-friendly home, you do your bit in saving the earth. You will be using sewage treatment plants, less waste generation, reduced pollution, energy conversation, and chemical-free materials. These features of an eco-friendly home make a positive impact on your surroundings, and make the world a better place for other to live in.
Many people are gradually becoming aware of the effects of sustainable development and thus, the demand for eco-friendly homes is on the rise. Companies and builders can easily access benefits such as tax evasions for green buildings, rapid home approvals, decreased property taxes, and decreased developmental charges. 
Owing to these benefits, builders are increasingly constructing eco-friendly projects, and you can easily find eco-friendly projects in metro cities such as Bangalore, Chennai, etc. both residential and commercial.  
How To Purchase An Eco-Friendly Home?
Here is a list of steps that can help you the next time you decide to buy an eco-friendly home:
  • Examine the construction materials used.
  • Enquire if the builder is registered or is an expert in constructing green homes.
  • Look for these features - natural heating and cooling effect, well-ventilated windows, spacious rooms, solar panels, water disposal system, waste management, etc.
These advantages of eco-friendly buildings are enough to give you a healthy environment to live in. If you are on the lookout for homes in Chennai, you can always go through the different eco-friendly housing options listed on My Property Boutique. Investing in an eco-friendly house is going to provide you with long-term health benefits, and make a better tomorrow for future generations to come. 

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