Why Choosing A Good Neighbourhood Is Equally Important As Choosing The Right Home

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  • Feb 26, 2020

In the process of buying property, people mainly focus on the home itself, they mostly think about the space, the number of rooms, budget, and the carpet area of the homes. But it is essential to know that the neighbourhood and the surroundings are equally important. A good real estate agent will recognize that buying a home comes with baggage. So instead of regretting the decision afterwards, it is better to do research about the neighbourhood before purchase or choose a prominent property agent like My Property Boutique, we do better research on localities and the surroundings of the property and have an expert team especially for this purpose.

There is no such thing as a fairy tale neighbourhood as everything cannot be perfect. But it is possible to find the best that at least matches all the expectations. Because not all people think the same and have different ideas of a good neighbourhood, so what some might think is not suitable for them the others might actually like it. Here are some aspects to look into while choosing a suitable neighbourhood so that it won’t be a problem in the future.

Choose an area with lower crime rates

While purchasing a dream home, safety and security are the most vital things that one should look into. Choose the right neighbourhood that is suitable for all your needs and also has minimum crime rates. So it is best to choose residential gated communities where anonymous entries are prohibited.

These communities provide security and only allow known people; this creates a safe space for everyone living inside the residential community. Whether it is Flats in OMR or any other desired area, the gated communities are getting prevalent.

Nearby Healthcare

Having various nearby hospitals and clinic is an essential factor while choosing the best neighbourhood for your property. In the time of any emergencies, a decent hospital must be nearby, and even for general treatments and visits, people should not be required to go far just get primary healthcare.

So while buying your dream home like Flats in Perungudi or villas in OMR, be mindful in choosing a neighbourhood with the best healthcare facilities. This reduces the effort and costs to travel long distances for necessary facilities.

Easy Access to Schools

When you have a family, the schools are a vital part of your life. Choose the surroundings with the best schools for your children and their future. Children should have a lot of time after school to do their homework, play outside, eat and sleep properly. If the schools are so far away, then the travelling itself takes a lot of time, limiting their abilities to do other activities. So all-round education is important for your children, therefore, choose the neighbourhood with the best schools in the city. Whether you are buying Flats in Velachery which is in the inner side of the city or apartments in OMR, choose residential properties which have access to good schools.

Food, Shopping and Transportation

Choose a locality with restaurants, shopping complexes and malls, especially the ones with the supermarkets, the residential communities have inbuilt supermarkets exclusively for the people living there. Still, it is also essential to have different choices.

The transportation and the connectivity are crucial; make sure that there are different ways of transport like buses, metro and trains so that transportation is cost-effective and comfortable. All these factors prove that a better neighbourhood enhances the experience of purchasing a home.

We, at My Property Boutique, have expert realtors that listen to all your concerns and requirements while purchasing homes and only recommend the best projects in your budget. Our experts are highly experienced and well-versed about the localities and the surroundings and only choose the best ones according to your requirements. Therefore, focus on the neighbourhood and locations while choosing your dream home because ultimately, it becomes part of the whole experience.


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