Why Buying Property in Bengaluru is a Good Idea

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  • Sep 17, 2019

Over a period of time, Bengaluru has seen significant growth and development in different sectors, be it technology, education, hospitality, or entertainment. Now, it is one of the most developed and progressive Indian cities. Popularly known as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’, it is well-known as a major IT hub of the country. This lively city boasts of a pleasant climate and hosts a large number of cafes, parks, tourist spots, institutions, restaurants, and malls. Owing to these factors, real estate in Bengaluru has also witnessed a significant boom over these years. Emerging as one of the perfect hotbeds for property developers, this cosmopolitan city boasts of strong stability. And, there are many reasons as to why investing in property in the capital city of Karnataka is a great choice. Some of them are:

Hub of IT/ITES Sector

This is one of the major reasons why you should look forward to investing in real estate in Bengaluru. The city is well-known for tech companies and start up hubs, which make it a haven for entrepreneurs. Boasting of superior telecom infrastructure in the country, Bengaluru also attracts a large number of professionals on a regular basis. This ensures a boost in macroeconomic dynamics, thereby making the city a perfect place to live in.

Amazing Connectivity


The city is also known for its improved transportation facilities. This is another major reason as to why it may be beneficial to invest in real estate in Bengaluru. Namma Metro, which is the city’s rapid transit system, has lent a huge boost to the real estate sector as well. This, in turn, raises opportunities for improved returns on investments in the future.

Affordable Housing Finance Schemes

It is quite difficult to buy a property without taking a loan. In Bengaluru, this is not a major problem, as there are different housing finance schemes available, which are quite affordable and make it quite easy for someone to invest in a residential property.

Trustable Real Estate Developers

Bengaluru also boasts of significant names in the corresponding industry. With more trusted names in the real estate market, it is easier to invest in the right type of property, in addition to getting higher returns on investment for the same.

Flourishing Education Sector


Not only home to a host of reputed companies, the capital city of Karnataka is also well-known for its premier institutions. There are a number of prestigious schools and colleges here which are known for imparting world-class education to young minds.

Best Places to Invest in Bengaluru

With diverse industries setting up their base in the city, real estate in Bengaluru has seen impressive growth over the years. And, for all those looking forward to a stable market in the corresponding sector, Bengaluru is definitely one of the apt choices. Here’s list of places in Bengaluru where it may be beneficial for you to invest in the real estate sector:

  • Whitefield

Home to some of the major IT companies, Whitefield is one of the best areas to plan an investment in the real estate sector. Moreover, with significant improvements in transportation facilities, this region has become a hotbed for real estate investment.

  • Yelhanka

With the Kempegowda International Airport situated not too far from the area, a large number of IT companies have set up their base here, which has paved way for exponential growth in residential structures. Large tracts of land available in this region have attracted some of the most renowned builders, thereby making it a perfect place for planning investment in the realty sector.

  • Attibele

Over a period of time, this region has started garnering attention from the realty sector. Located in close proximity to the Electronic City and Silk Board Junction, Attibele has started developing into a haven for reasonably priced housing units.

Several factors, like the arrival of major IT companies, improvements in transport connectivity, boosts in infrastructure development, and materialization of affordable housing units have resulted in a rise in investment opportunities in the realty sector. And, a perfect combination of diverse cuisines, safe environment, rich culture, as well as a wonderful climate definitely serve to be icing on the cake!

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