What 2020 Looks Likes for Real Estate Market in Chennai?

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  • Jan 20, 2020

Chennai has slowly but consistently is becoming a busy market for the real estate sector. More prominent and significant projects have been taking place in this city during the recent years both for development as well as aesthetic and environmental purposes. People are more interested in investing in this city more than ever, and 2020 looks like a promising year for Chennai.

Apartments and Flats in Chennai

This is a highly growing sector in the real estate field in Chennai. More and more people prefer gated community flats or apartments in Chennai to live where everything is available at one place. This kind of real estate ventures is mainly available near IT hubs located in the outskirts of the city. They have everything within 2km radii like supermarket and schools so that it is easier for people to access.


When it comes to real estate, the transportation sector plays a huge role, with Chennai continually developing at a rapid phase, there is a massive demand for roads, rails and metro. Especially metro is the new age of transport which is simple and hassle-free and not to forget very fast. So the government supports the establishment of various metro stations all over the city so that it is easier for the citizens to travel. 

Rental properties in Chennai.

There is a huge demand for rental properties, and people are investing to buy flats in Chennai they can get extra income by renting out those homes. There is a massive demand for rental properties and apartments in Chennai because of the people who come here to seek jobs or do their studies. Instead of being in an in the hostel which may or may not be in the right conditions many people rent out flats and apartments.


The real estate sector is becoming more affordable in recent days so more people can afford to buy homes in Chennai. The tax and the GST have become comparatively low in past years. This creates a huge demand in this real estate sector, and people can easily afford it. On top of that, the EMI and the loan options are readily available to the people who can't make the payment in one go.

In this year the real estate sector has so much potential to grow more, and certainly, there is a massive demand for it.

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