Vastu Guidelines To Follow While Buying A New House This Festive Season

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  • Feb 13, 2019

Vastu Shastra is more commonly known as Vastu these days, and literally translates to “the science of architecture”. It actually refers to a traditional Hindu architecture system. Most of the vastu tips for home that you read are based on both Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. Vastu tips have been around for ages now, and had been formulated with the basic idea of integrating architecture with not just nature, but also with the relative functions of different parts of the structure as well as with some ancient beliefs that utilize geometric patterns and symmetry. 
But Why Should I Follow Vastu Tips For My Home?
Despite what many people may think about the science, vastu tips are not at all irrational. In fact, they are based on sound scientific principles. Guidelines under vastu for the home aim to combine the five elements of nature to ensure your well-being. When buying a new home, you are making a huge investment that may just wipe out all your savings, so what harm is there in trying to ensure that the home is perfect?
When you are looking for a new home to buy or even building a home, following some tips according to vastu for the home can help you ensure the well-being, prosperity, and happiness of the residents.
The best part about applying vastu tips for your home is that it does not need you to be an expert in vastu shastra to know whether the basic structure is as per the guidelines or not. To help you out in this aspect, here are some basic vastu tips that you can follow when buying a new home:
The Entrance Of The Home
If you are buying a villa or standalone property, there shouldn’t be any confusion regarding where the entrance is. However, if you are buying an apartment, please note that the entrance to the block will be considered as the main entrance. Try to make sure that entrance gate is located towards north or the north east. Entrances towards the south or west are not the most recommended, as the sun’s rays that enter the home from these directions during the afternoon can be harmful for your health.
Proper Ventilation And Ample Sunlight
Most vastu tips for the home lay a lot of importance on proper ventilation in the home. Make sure that your new home is airy and open, and gets an ample amount of sunlight. If the home is close or claustrophobic, it can become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Sunlight however, can help kill these germs and even get rid of unpleasant odours. North or east facing homes or flats with balconies in either of the two directions should be ideal. Vastu also states that it is a good idea to have some open space left on all four corners of the place as when a home shares a common wall with another home, it can create a mix of energies.
The Kitchen
Ideally, the home’s kitchen should be in the south east corner. The reason behind this is that this direction is said to be governed by the fire element (Aagneya).
The Water Storage Tank
It is said that the early morning rays of the sun are very beneficial for the purity of the water, and the corner of the building that gets the first ray is the north-eastern corner. This is where you should have your water storage tank as well.
Toilets And Bathrooms
It is a belief that the wind blows from the north east towards the south west direction, and if your toilet is in the north east corner of the home, the wind can blow from the toilet into the living room or other areas of the home and contaminate the atmosphere. So ideally, the southern corner or the south-western corner of the flat should be perfect for the placement of the toilets.
The Kids’ Room
For the kids’ room, the best place should be the north-west or north-east part of the home. A plus point is if the window in the room opens towards the North. This would make sure that they get enough sunlight into their room, and will also prevent any harmful rays of the sun from entering the room.
Centre Of The Apartment
According to vastu for the home, there should be enough light at the centre of the apartment. So, this makes the area perfect for the living room, instead of closed spaces like toilets or the kitchen.
The Staircase
If you build a staircase in the north-east direction, it will block the early morning rays of the sun. In any case, an external staircase is best placed in the south-west corner of the home. The thing that you need to remember about an internal staircase is that placing it in the centre will not only spoil the aesthetics of your living room, but will also add a feeling of congestion to the area.
Some other vastu tips are regarding the block or community where you reside. For example, the garden and other open spaces should ideally be in the eastern or northern side of the area. Plus, the walls of the apartments should not be dark in colour, like black, dark blue, or red. This is because dark colours can absorb a lot of heat and increase the temperature inside the apartment. After all, vastu is based on scientific principles that tend to ensure that a balance is maintained between mankind and nature, in order to bring prosperity and good health to all the residents.


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