Top Reasons to Invest in OMR Chennai

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  • Sep 05, 2019

Are you someone wanting to buy a house or investing in real estate in Chennai, but cannot single out a preferred area for this purpose? If yes, then you ought to read about and consider OMR, one of the hottest locations within Chennai for realty.

OMR or Old Mahabalipuram is often referred to as the IT corridor of the city, due to its closeness to IT hubs in Chennai and other expanding corporate workplaces. Besides that, OMR also happens to be a top choice among city dwellers and homebuyers.

When it comes to reasons for real estate investment in this region, OMR actually has quite a few.

Reasonably Priced


One of the most significant reasons as to why you should invest in OMR is because of the affordability factor. Despite being one of the most well-known areas in the city, OMR offers reasonably priced properties. The reason behind this is because the area is still developing. You get to save money when investing here, but without compromising with your quality of life.

Affluent Facilities

Some of the top real estate developers in the region have their projects situated in OMR. Consequently, you find properties loaded with first-rate amenities in this region. Top developers like Akshaya offer homes that are not only well-designed but also come with facilities like swimming pool, fully-equipped gymnasium, children’s play area and luxurious clubhouses.


OMR also enjoys seamless connectivity to other small to big regions within the city, including educational hubs and industrial areas. Chennai airport is located at a 30-minute drive from OMR, while it only takes 10 minutes for people to reach TIDEL Park. OMR also offers accessibility to different modes of conveyance such as bus and train services.

Peaceful and Attractive Surroundings

Contrary to the general idea of congested city roads and vehicular smoke, OMR actually has a beautiful and serene environment. While investing in this region, you can expect calm lakes and fresh air. People living in OMR also flock to the seashore at East Coast Road or ECR, which is close by.  

Vast Number of Options


OMR has a wide range of property types on offer, which vary in dimension and types. You can find properties ranging from individual houses to multi-roomed apartments. That is testified by the fact that top developers in Chennai, like Akshaya, offers smart homes, apartments, plots and town villas among their residential projects.  So whatever it is you are looking for, rest assured as you will find it here.

Capital Appreciation

OMR is undergoing continuous development, with a number of industrial projects deemed to come up in the near future. That being the case, the demand for residential projects in this region is expected to grow further in the times to come too. Hence, investing in real estate in OMR will soon fetch you very good returns on investment, as the price of your property appreciates by a good few notches.

Prospects for Long-Term Income

Long Term

Properties in OMR are in demand not only with respect to purchase but also renting. With the expansion in the IT sector in Chennai and growth in employment opportunities, a property in OMR could fetch you high rental income. Since properties in cities like Chennai are always in demand, you could make long-term income plans too.

Government Endeavours

Another factor that makes OMR one of the best regions to buy property in Chennai is public infrastructural projects. This region has been prioritized by the government for infrastructural development that include water and sewage systems in the corridor. So, by buying a property here, you can rest assured that you won’t have problems relating to either of these facilities.

Good Quality of Life

OMR is considered among the posh localities in Chennai. There are modern educational institutions, posh restaurants and sophisticatedly designed residences in this region. Add to that, the residential township projects in OMR further help in ensuring enhanced comfort and ease of living.   

Conclusively, everyone wants to live in a place that is not only safe, but can also provide for all their needs, and OMR is definitely one such area.   

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