Top Interior Décor Themes to Incorporate in Your Residential Apartment

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  • Aug 24, 2018

With the new residential projects in Chennai growing expansively in number, the pressure on builders to bring more sellable projects is increasing too. Builders are playing on factors such as feasibility while focusing on posh residential areas in Chennai, to keep their projects in demand. 

However, as per top developers in Chennai, apart from location and cost of apartments, design and interiors of the structures are also important parameters based on which buyers make their buying decisions. Given that you spent most of your time in your house and also host friends and relatives from time to time, this observation makes sense.

But, even after having purchased a residential apartment in Chennai with well laid-out interiors, décor is something that you have to take care of. To help make your residential apartment in Chennai a cool dwelling for you and do justice to its designs, here are some of the top interior themes that you can incorporate in your living space: –

Tropical – The tropical home décor style is a theme that transports the fresh, easy and relaxed feel of tropical regions into your house. Opting for this style will help you transform your home into a seaside paradise. However, your focus should be upon bold and bright patterns or colours and use of natural materials to get the feel right.

Contemporary – The main aim of this home décor theme is to make your living space seem modern and sophisticated. This theme builds upon the concept of simple yet elegant and seems neither ambiguous nor cold. The key is to free up the space as much as possible and include subtle patterns, neutral designs and smooth elements.

Bohemian – The Bohemian theme of interior décor revolves around free expression. Involving significant unconventionality, this style is made mainly of rich, flamboyant collections and eccentric displays. That gives you the flexibility to use your own sense of beautification and style.

Traditional – This theme for interior decoration is inspired from the era that it belongs to, that is the Colonial era. This style lays emphasis on a warm and familiar vibe in the living space, and factors such as balance and symmetry play a huge role in this theme.

Industrial – A theme already popular with restaurants and cafes, the industrial style is now filling up residential apartments in Chennai and other big cities too. As is suggestive, this theme is all about incorporating rawness and rigidity of the unsophisticated manufacturing units. This style is also textural and uses worn down, refurbished elements and grey shades to complete the look.  

Eclectic – Very similar to the Bohemian theme, Eclectic offers you freedom of expression. You get to mix and match while breaking the standard norms of interior décor. You can even bring together pieces from various other themes and present them together in one single space, in a manner that is pleasing to the eye.

Rustic – The center of focus in the rustic home décor theme is the earthy and organic way of life. And as is quite obvious, the cue is to bring an unsophisticated feel within the living space. Earthy carpets and rugs, and raw wooden furnishing and décor are a few things which will help you nail this style.

Minimalist – With minimalism already in trend, the minimalist home décor theme is something you got to try for your interiors too. The objective here is to bring a supremely modern feel into your living space by playing around simplicity of various elements. You begin with removing anything and everything that is not as necessary, and including only those elements that help fetch maximum décor effect.

Coastal – Another hit with people living in posh residential areas in Chennai is the coastal home décor theme. This style works towards manifesting the holiday feel, i.e. of beaches and the sun and the vast openness. The warmth and ease that is a prerequisite for this style makes people feel welcome. While attempting to land this décor theme perfectly, pay attention to natural lighting and shades. Since we are attempting a costal appeal for things, it will also help if you include décor items that have a nautical feel to them.

Now that you have a well-assorted list of home décor styles to consider for your new residential apartment in Chennai, it is time get to work.


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