Top 10 Construction Companies In Chennai

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  • Mar 04, 2019

Chennai, known initially as Madras, is the capital of Tamil Nadu. The city is the fourth largest metropolitan city of India and has seen many changes after independence. Today, Chennai is a prime real estate hub and consists of 11 town panchayats, eight municipalities and 179 village panchayats.
Chennai ranks third highest in India, based on its per capita income and contribution to GDP. It is also the home of different historical monuments like Fort St. George. Additionally, it has several reputed educational institutions including the University of Madras, one of the oldest Universities in India.
With such a large area, the city needs some top construction companies in Chennai. If you are looking for some renovation or full-fledged construction, here are the top construction companies you can try out.
#1: India Builders (Chennai) Limited
With branches in both Coimbatore and Chennai, this construction company does not only renovations but also constructions. Whatever your requirements might be for development, the India Builders would definitely help you out.
#2: L&T Construction
While L&T is a leading manufacturer of construction material, the L&T Construction is different from that. With stellar skills and support, they have made their position in the list of top 10 construction companies in Chennai.
They have unparalleled experience with various technology, engineering processes, and even in planning and implementation.
#3: GVR Infra Projects Private Limited
GVR Infra Projects Private Limited is a Chennai based construction company that specialises in domestic as well as commercial construction projects. Over the last decade, they have constructed roads, irrigation system, buildings, bridges and flyovers and even water and sewerage system.
#4: VGN Property Developers Private Limited
Founded in 1942 and headquartered in Chennai, the VGN Property Developers Private Limited is one of the oldest construction companies to ace the list of top 10 construction companies in Chennai. Since it’s focus is on real estate based projects, it concentrates on residential constructions. 
However, it also deals in different commercial projects, including buildings, bridges and pipelines. Additionally, the VGN Property Developers also provide necessary planning and implementation along with engineering and procurement of various projects.
#5: Akshaya Pvt Limited
The Akshaya Pvt Limited was founded back in 1995 and is headquartered in Chennai. In addition to providing real estate based services and constructions, it also provides customers with facility management, letting, reselling of property, landscaping, beautification and security.
#6: L&W Construction Private Limited
Located in Bangalore, and headquartered at Singapore, this construction company in Chennai deals with real estate based constructions. It is a joint venture of two Singapore based companies, namely Lee Kim Tah and Woh Hup Pvt Limited. It is one of the oldest incorporated partnerships.
#7: Boltz Engineering
The next in the list of top 10 construction companies in Chennai is Boltz Engineering. It consists of a group of companies catering to all aspects of a construction job. Be it plumbing or electrical wiring of your house, or renovation of your place, Boltz Engineering does it all. In fact, if you need aesthetic changes and planning, you can rely on Boltz Engineering to do it for you.
With more than 35 years of experience in the construction domain and more than 500 local and global projects, Boltz Engineering is your one-stop shop for all home renovation and construction needs.
#8: Malles Construction
Established in 1980, Malles Construction is based out of Chennai. They provide you with custom made houses and apartments as per your requirements. Alternatively, you can also choose their homes or apartments, which are for sale. 
With more than 120 domestic developments, they are trying to provide a unique experience to each of their buyers.
#9: P&C Projects
This is another construction company in the list of top 10 construction companies in Chennai which provides packaged service. Be it for your construction or aesthetic needs, P&C Projects can help you complete your project on time. 
They train and hire local employees and make sure that the local construction laws are met, with every construction project that they undertake. 
#10: KSV Constructions
The last in the list of top construction companies in Chennai is KSV Constructions, which was established in 1947. The KSV Constructions is certified as Class I Engineers and are one of the leading construction companies in Tamil Nadu.


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