Top 10 Builders in Ahmedabad

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  • Feb 21, 2020

Ahmedabad is a prominent city in the western part of India and capital of the state Gujarat. It is one of the largest cities situated near the banks of the Sabarmati River. The city has a rich heritage and culture and a famous tourist attraction in India.

The real estate sector in Ahmedabad is thriving; people are interested in investing in this vibrant city. The main reason to invest in Ahmedabad is the constant development activities in the city. It is the leading industrial hub in Gujarat and one of the largest producers of cotton.

Investing properties in Ahmedabad is the best option and here is the list of top 10 construction companies in Ahmedabad that are making a difference in the real estate sector.

Godrej Properties

The Godrej Properties are one of the eminent property builders in Ahmedabad who take up both commercial and residential projects.

Their goal is to provide a living space that has unique designs, innovative technologies and create a space that is remembered and trusted through generations. They create eco- friendly solutions and strive to provide a sustainable living space.

Adani Realty

Adani Realty may be new in the real estate sector, but they built their brand upon trust and excellence in the delivery of the projects.

With eight years of experience in the industry, they have constructed many residential, commercial, and luxury projects. Adani Realty also has built many exquisite social clubs. 

Pacifica Companies

Pacifica is one of the largest construction companies in Ahmedabad, who focus on providing artistic designs and innovative living spaces.

Pacifica is not only widely spread in India but also well established in America and Mexico. It has undertaken so many projects like IT parks, townships, plot developments, commercial and even residential projects.

Bakeri Group

The Bakeri Group was founded in 1959, and it is one of the oldest and trusted property builders in Ahmedabad. They are innovative and believe infusing modern designs into traditional architecture.

They have constructed many prominent projects in Ahmedabad both residential and commercial. They have built affordable homes as well as luxury projects according to customer needs.

Ajmera Group

Ajmera Realty group is one of the leading property builders in India and also well established in Ahmedabad. They built homes with novel designs and aim to provide world-class amenities to the customers according to their budget.

Ajmera Group is well known for its residential projects, and they strive to provide living places that are comfortable, high-quality and sustainable.

A.Shridhar Group

A.Shridhar Group has become a benchmark construction company in Ahmedabad. They aim to provide innovative solutions for every housing need.

With two decades of experience in the industry, they go all-out to provide on-time delivery of the projects, innovation, quality and transparency in the business side.

Goyal and Co-Construction

Goyal & Co are a well-established construction company in Ahmedabad and making a difference in the real estate market since 1971.

They have constructed a vast number of residential and commercial projects all over India. They have a perfect construction plan for every project keeping in mind the location and amenities; their goal is to provide a peaceful living environment.

Shivalik Projects

Shivalik Projects has constructed so many well-known projects in Ahmedabad; they are established in the year 1996.

They have built over 55 projects all over India that includes residential, commercial, retail constructions, and so on. They have state-of-the-art methodologies that cater to the customers’ needs and aim to provide the international level standard project with all possible amenities.


Ganesh Housing Corporation

Ganesh Housing Corporation is a trusted and prominent real estate company in Ahmedabad that is founded in the year 1969.

Their motto is to provide high-quality living spaces that match the international standards of livings. They have a customer-centric approach and strive to provide full transparency in all planning steps.

Parshwanath Realty

Parshwanath Realty was founded in the year 1976 to create top-class properties that enhance the standard of the living experience of people.

They have built so many residential and commercial projects in Ahmedabad, and they strive to provide world-class amenities at an affordable price.

The above are the best property builders in the city of Ahmedabad, with the economy of the city rapidly developing it is a smart decision to invest in real estate in Ahmedabad.


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