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  • Dec 31, 2019

Decorating the kid’s room is one of the most interesting as well as the most difficult task for young parents. The kid room is given more importance and care compared to the living room and other parts of the house. Every kid has a particular idea in decorating their bedroom; it is a simple affair. The cost of decorating a kid’s place may look expensive and can even grow above your budget. But, in this article, we are going to see some simple and attractive ways to decorate kids room. 


Get in zone arranged 


Make the room comfortable and easily accessible to your kids. Once your child grows old, they need more space to do regular homework, shelves to arrange their books, a separate area to 7place for relaxation and daydream. These requirements can be fulfilled simply with a desk or adjustable chair for school homework and a chair or beanbag to relax after a hard day at school. 


Innovate Wall Decoration 


Though there are many wall decorations applicable for kids room, there are a few tricks that are most useful while decorating the younger set. Start with a theme instead of just going for plain wall paint or wallpaper. Choose the wallpaper of your kid favourite characters or imagery related to their cartoons and favourite comics. Make sure that your kid understands that the wallpaper should match the furniture and decor of the bedroom, as it is a one-time investment. 


Have open shelves


Kids and mess are the most relatable, so you need to take extra care while designing their shelves and cupboard. Keep the shelves organized by providing adequate space of open shelves. Also, place bins and baskets to keep toys and games as it will be easy for kids to access and arrange them in order. Practice your children to keep things of the same nature in separate bins and maintain cleanliness in the room. 


Decorate with their interests


If you are planning for a shared bedroom for your kids, then don’t forget to decorate the room based on the interest of all kids. Each kid have separate interest and viewpoint. Very few kids have symmetrical view, others prefer to set on their individual style. If your kids prefer to stand on in a unique style, then let them pick their own bedding style, artwork on the wall and bedside lamp. If you are kids are little grown-up, or of different age group, then the shared room can not be the same. In that case, you can divide the room with a curtain so that it a light lamp on in the nighttime will not affect the one sleeping. 


Organized closet


The closet is one important thing that needs to keep organized. Kids wardrobe need to be given extra care as it should be simple and easy to access. Make sure that the closet height does not be a hurdle to your children. Provide small footstool to reach stuff without climbing. Also, place some hanging rods for easy reach of the hangers. Name each drawer, for easy identification and understand what goes where. 


You put all this effort to make your kid happy, then why not decorate based on their interest and wish. Get the influence of your kid’s preferences on certain things like choosing the wall paint colour, bed cot style, theme of the bedroom, that uplift the room’s milieu. 


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