Things to Consider Before Buying Flats in Chennai

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  • Dec 11, 2019

A few years back, buying an own house is a big dream of every individual. As technology booms, the mindset of people has become more worldly and materialistic. As a result, people started opting for a premium 2BHK or 3BHK flats which are cost-effective and convenient than individual houses. The apartment in Chennai comes with multiple features and amenities that satisfy the needs of people from all classes of life. There are basic amenities that every apartment as like in-built parks, kids play area, indoor games, swimming pools, etc., the luxury apartments has many more amenities added on to it. But, one can not blindly buy a flat that has a luxury view or amenities.

Never make a rush decision while choosing a property, take your time and have a clear view of how the property is and the granularity of the project and then make the decision. Here are a few things to consider before buying flats in Chennai.

1. Know your Outskirts
Knowing your suburb is a primary factor to consider before buying flats in Chennai. Whether it is your first or second property, you need to sort out the locality as this will decide the land value, travel amenities, etc., Few things to check about the location, like: 
The history of the site, whether any lakes were located in that location earlier. As this can cause any rainwater stagnation during floods. Also look for basic amenities like supermarkets, schools, hospitals, metro, bus stops, are easily accessible.
2. Beware of counterfeit Ads
Advertisements are the premium medium for builders to reach common people who are looking for flats. Go for the ads that are published in branded and trusted platforms and never blindly trap in the fake ads circulated through SMS, spam sites and emails. Prefer to go for a real estate brand like My Property Boutique, where you can find more projects that meet your requirements. 
3. Check for Transport Facilities 
One should be smart in choosing the location of the apartments as well as the transportation facilities. Make sure that your building is easily accessible to any transport like Metro, Bus transport. If you are specific with a budget, then prefer the location where the location is ascending gradually in future. 
4. Look at Pet Assent
Are you a pet lover? If yes, then you need to take this point into concern while hunting for the best places to buy flats in Chennai. Few apartments in Chennai does not give permissions to have pets due to inconvenience for fellow flatmates. In that case, you can prioritize your needs and head for negotiation. It stated that 80% of the apartments and flats in Chennai are pet-friendly. 
5. Legally Updated
Check whether your project is legally approved and have had a proper license for construction. You can seek the help of a banker to complete this legal check. Here are some of the certificated that might be handy during verification: Commencement certificate, Landuse certificate, and No Objection certificate. 
Chennai is one of the top metropolitan cities in India where property investment is highly beneficial and wise choice. If you are planning to buy flats in Chennai, then contact My Property Boutique, a premium real estate agency in Chennai. Contact us to speak with our experts and find your dream house in Chennai.

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