Popular Interior Paint Colors For 2019

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  • Jul 22, 2019

A great color can set the whole mood of a room. For someone wishing to paint their interior walls, there is an endless canvas of colors to choose from. Choosing the ideal paint of a room can really become a tedious task as one has to compile various color swatches and then paint test strips on the wall to decide on the best color for a room. 

If you yourself are thinking of painting a room or giving a fresh coat of paint to it, this easy guide of shortlisted interior paint colors for 2019 will save you a lot of work: - 

     1. Muted Pastels

The top paint colors on the list have to be muted pastels. The colors have been popular for many years now and are not backing down this year too. Because muted pastels have a soothing vibe to them, they are best for areas like living rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Also, they easily hide the regular nicks and scuff marks of a particular room. In all, muted pastels are one of those interior paint colors which offer a warm background, offering a minimalistic vibe to a room. So, if you are not a fan of bold hues, you cannot go wrong when you choose muted pastels. 

     2. Dark Greens

Dark green gives off a plush-vibe and is a great interior color trend to try out this year. Setting the mood of the room perfectly, the color works as a great foundational hue. It brings the feel of lush botanicals to the walls, imparting an overall natural appeal to your room. Dark greens works as the ideal interior trend for walls that are well-lit. 

     3. Soft Clay

Soft clay is an underrated but a vibrant paint color for your interior walls. This zesty hue gives off an earthy feel to the room. Invoking wanderlust, this color works as a great substitute for browns and beiges. Imparting a casual elegance to the room, the room becomes bright and sunny after applying soft clay. This color offers personality to the room, giving it a burnt-orange, caramel-colored look. You can easily paint your favorite room with it.

     4. Hazelnut

Hazelnut is one of those interior paint colors that is always trending. The inviting, warm creamy shade of the color never clashes with the color of any furnishing and is a hue that you can choose whenever in doubt. If you pick hazelnut, make sure you use it in those rooms that you wish to brighten. Also, make sure that you use hazelnut on those walls that have sufficient light coming in through the windows, as the color looks great when light bounces off it.

     5. Mustard

Mustard is a paint color that can definitely work as a substitute for gold. Giving a pop of color to the walls, deep mustard works great for focal accents as well. This color is a one that works best when applied in little doses around the house. 

     6. Fresh blues

If you wish to give a casual look and feel to the walls, blues such as ice blue, pale powder blue, gray blue, and charcoal blues are the colors that you can go for. These colors are subtle and do not overpower the room. There are endless types of blue colors to consider, so feel free to experiment. However, you must make sure that the blue color that you choose is soothing to the eyes and doesn’t impart a heavy look to the room. So, a subtle, muted blue will work best for a room.

Now that you are loaded with great recommendations for interior paint colors, you can easily pick one to your liking and go ahead with it. Whether it is painting the blank canvas of a wall or revamping an old one, a fresh and eye-pleasing pop of color takes the entire room to another level in terms of its aesthetics.

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