Looking For A Home OR Investment Property in Sholinganallur

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  • Dec 09, 2019

Are you looking for a home or investment property in Sholinganallur? You might be confused with this statement as both look similar, but they are a huge difference between investing in a house and property investment in Sholinganallur. If you are planning to invest in property, then make a clear view what your goal of investment? In this article, we are going to see the difference between investing in house and property in Sholinganallur. 

There are many differences between investing in a house and property. A house is solely constructed for a residential purpose where income is considered secondary, whereas property deals with both commercial and residential uses. Generally, a first buyer goes for investing in a house as owning a house is mandatory than investment, but people who are interested in building their property wealth would go for property investment. 

How to find the best investment property 
Sholinganallur is one of the central IT towns in Chennai where land value has increased over a decade. Keep certain things in mind while looking for in an investment property in Sholinganallur. 
Make your criteria narrow down: Set your budget and be peculiar in what kind of return of investment you are expecting. 

Understand the real estate market: Have a basic knowledge of real estate rules and the real-time real estate market standard. 

Look for Neighbourhood value: Go for a basic experiment to look for the neighbourhood land value and the potential of growth in the area.  

Tips for buying a house or Flats in Sholinganallur

Purchasing a house can be categorized into two different types. Independent houses or apartments or flats in Sholinganallur. An individual house buyer is the landowner of the total sq.ft and can construct building with 2 or 3 storeys or above as per the requirement and budget. But in the cases of apartments and flats, the building is constructed as per the builders. Have a clear vision of how your house should be. 

Make your investment wise: If you are the first buyer who requires an own house with an income then going for individual or independent house would be a wise choice. Whereas if you are looking for an effortless and maintenance-free place, then flats would be the right option.

Set your home loan and budget: Be prudent in deciding the budget for your house and make necessary home loans as per your budget. This will create a precise choice of location where you are planning to build your house. 

Choose the right real estate agency: Go for a trusted real estate builders like MyPropertyBoutique, an authorized and trusted builders in India. Go for a background verification for the builders and get clarified all your doubts and start your investment.


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