List of Eco-Friendly Home Maintenance Ideas

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  • Dec 27, 2019

The rise in environmental issues such as climate change, air pollution, deforestation, improper waste disposal, and many more have made ecological conservation as the need of the hour.  There are numerous ways to make an effective change in the environment that can lead to a greener and more feasible lifestyle. It is our responsibility to make our planet a better place to live, so in this article, we have listed some of the eco-friendly home-maintenance ideas for a sustainable home. 


A peaceful garden


Natural greenery with a splash of vibrant in the house can create a sanctuary in the mindset of the urban lifestyles. Embellish your backyard with a big garden of your favourite greenery and fragrance flowers. In case if you are living in a gated apartment or flats in Chennai, then you can design a compact garden on your rooftop or your balcony. Having a garden has more worth and value than decorating with aesthetic things as it cleanses the air and supplies abundant oxygen and freshness. 


Dispose of waste in a smarter way


Improper disposal of waste can affect the recycling process, which can lead to excess methane production. To avoid this, we need to segregate the waste into biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste. Splitting your waste will help in making a better environment. Plastics are considered as a non-biodegradable waste, and food products are considered as biodegradable waste. You can even make compost out with organic trash like filling the barrel with mud and burying food waste into it. Over time, you will get a fertile soil that can be used as a manure for your garden. 


 Use Water Sensible


Water is one of the biggest environmental assets which we are lacking off. Water scarcity is the biggest challenge that most of the urban city faces. To overcome this, we need to take extra care over water by closing the tap tightly to avoid leakage, check flush leakage. If you have a water purifier which discharge wastewater then try to use them for watering plants and other domestic chores. And never forget to have a catch area to collect rainwater during the monsoon seasons. 


Maintain your Activities


It is advisable to track your activity with a quality energy monitor that indicated electricity consumption. Also, get rid of the usage of plastics as there are non-biodegradable. One plastic shampoo bottle could take 450 years to decompose. There are many simple ways to get rid of the usage of plastic in your life. 


Switch to a sustainable living that can benefit both your home and planet for a longer-term. If you are looking for the best place to buy your dream home by implementing the above sustainable home ideas, then head out to MyPropertyBoutique. Invest in a home that stands as an example of an eco-friendly home.


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