Key Steps for the dream house of your choice

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  • Jan 03, 2020

This is the era where the home building industry is experiencing wide variety. This is indeed a heartening sign. Moreover, innovation and advancement in technology can create a difference in the home building process. That said, e-commerce has also made the decision-making process of buyers easier. Check out flats for sale in OMR and then proceed with your house building process. 

A new home is a big responsibility

Yes, possessing a home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life. You don’t want to be careless here and would even walk an extra mile to get a quality house built.            

Plan your work meticulously

The planning stage is the most important stage in building your house. Here, you have to choose the ideal house plan. You can contemplate on things such as the house’s direction, the type of lighting etc. With the insight gained in the planning stage, you move to an established process. 

Select the right team

Initially, get a good grasp of the building process and then collaborate with the right team. This team will include the house plan designer, sub-contractor, realtor, landscape designer, builder etc. There should be fair delegation of work to the respective team members. 

In fact, selecting the appropriate builder is one of the major decisions you will make here. You will be working in close coordination with the builder for several months. You can scrutinize the builder’s previous works and find out whether the customers had a good experience. Don’t hesitate to check with the relevant fair trading department for the reputation of the builder.     

Get opinion from a third-party building consultant

It’s a wise thing to get a third-party building consultant involved in the building process from the outset itself. Go for one with subject area knowledge and experience. 

Attention to detail

You should be careful in ensuring that no significant repairs emerge as soon you move to your new home. You have to make sure that your dream house is developed to the highest standards. You can check with the flats in OMR and take a call. 

Don’t consider water control as trivial

Don’t intend to carry out water control in the quickest or easiest manner. Take extra effort in designing and elaborating every facet of the water control layers. Analyze the materials that will be used in this case. Ensure that there is no area where water gets blocked. Also, in a different light, before moving into the house check the sumps and make double sure that there is sufficient groundwater. 

Set up an excellent comprehensive ventilation system

There should be good balance in ventilation so that there is no bad air circling in the house. Such ventilation should also introduce good sum of outdoor air. 

Instead of being attracted by the trends, give importance to your personal needs

The key to a successful house building process is quality. There will be ups and downs in the housing market and there will be emergence of different trends. But you should be clear about your individual needs and hence proceed with the house building process accordingly.  Have a close look at the flats in Medavakkam and then talk to the real estate experts. 

Enjoy your house building experience

Building your house is an experience to be cherished in the long run. Instill the right degree of fun and interest in it. There is no denying that for some days you will be having a strenuous experience but finally, your efforts will pay off if you perform the correct homework and get the assistance of an adept team. 

Inspect your house finally with your builder

In this process, you will be involved in a flaw check. Here, each aspect of the house including the finishing of doors, the operation of the toilets, the efficiency of the appliances etc. will be looked into carefully. 


Inspecting your dream house in a highly judicious manner is not an easy task actually. This is because buyers have a great emotional attachment towards their house that they fail to assess several problems. This can have a negative impact on their money at later stages. Having a well-framed plan is very important for your house building process. Let mypropertyboutique give wings to your dream with a good plan. 


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