Interesting Ideas For Setting Up Your Terrace Garden

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  • Jun 27, 2019

Whether you are living in a densely populated urban area or are moving into one, having your own terrace garden can be a big advantage. Nice and cozy that they are, terrace or roof gardens can act as a place of respite from the monotony of the concrete jungle. In case you haven’t had the time to think about ideas for your roof garden, mentioned below are some interesting tips that you can take into account for developing your own happy terrace garden.

Opt For An Open Garden

If you have a tiny space available for a terrace garden, keeping it open will give it the feel of a big space. However, if at all you feel the need to cover it up, we suggest that you go for transparent glass for walls/fences and roof.

Get Tall Plants And Trees

In case the previous tip has you concerned about your privacy, or if you don’t much like the view that your terrace has to offer, tall plants is your way to go. Having trees and tall plants in your terrace garden will provide the necessary discretion while also enhancing the greenery factor.

If you don’t plan on spending too much money and want to keep it in-budget, a combination of grasses and bamboos is something you can consider.

Make Use Of The Vertical Space

Another great idea for roof gardens that are small in area is utilizing the vertical space available. This will allow you to utilize walls, ceilings and even staircases to create a well-arranged and comfortable terrace garden. You can hang planters from the ceiling or opt for climbers and railing planters if you like.

Add Some Furnishing

Your rooftop garden can also serve as a cool spot to hangout, either by yourself or with some friends and family. You can sip your coffee here or read a book without anyone disturbing you. So depending on the space available, you can add a lounge chair, a swing or a garden stool. If space is not a problem, you can also take into consideration the theme and style of your garden when choosing furniture.

Do Some Lighting

If you really want your garden space to look outstanding and magical, then don’t forget to add some lighting to it. You can again choose the type of lighting depending on the theme you wish to lend to your garden space. Some of the most popular choices include fairy lights, tea lights, and LED lights.

Pay Attention To The Floor

This is something that many tend to ignore. Your terrace floor plays a key role in the whole rooftop garden décor scenario. You can look at different flooring types based on budget and theme. Also pay attention to the climate in the region when selecting the material for your terrace floor.

If you want to retain your plain flooring, you can opt for turf rugs or artificial green carpets.

In the end, don’t forget to maintain diversity in the plants you choose. Pick some scented flowering plants to make your terrace garden more special and nice. A lot of people are of the idea that setting up a terrace garden is a costly affair which is not true. Just get started on it.

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