How To Apply For Patta In Tamil Nadu?

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Before getting into the procedure lets briefly understand the importance of Patta:

Patta is a land revenue record maintained by the Revenue Department which establishes the title/ownership of land. A Patta contains details such as the name of the owners of the land, Patta number, Survey number and Sub - Division number, details of the District, Taluk and Village, land area and whether the land is dry land or wet land. The Patta Register is maintained at the Taluk office and contains details of ownership of all Land Holdings. While purchasing any land it is an absolute must to verify the Patta to make sure that the property is being purchased from the rightful owners.

How to apply for Patta Online?

Patta can be verified at the concerned Taluk Office or by visiting the website (in English or Tamil) made by the Government of Tamil Nadu wherein they are maintaining computerized record of the same.


  1. Visit the website:
  2. Select the option: View Patta & FMB / Chitta / TSLR Extract.
  3. Choose the district where your property is located and fill the checkbox whether the area is Rural or Urban and Submit.
  4. In the next page, Add the details of the property for which you require a Patta. Details of the land such as Taluk, Village, Ward and Block, Survey Number and Sub Division Number have to be submitted here and then authentication value has to be matched and submitted.
  5. Upon filling of correct details, a certificate will be issued online which is from the TSLR (Town Survey Land Register) with details of the property. The certificate will contain details such as the type of construction on the property, the municipal door number, and locality, type of land, survey number and sub division number.

When should name transfer in Patta be done?

  • If there is no will made by the owner, then the legal heirs of the deceased will inherit the land to their respective names.
  • If there is a will made by the owner, the beneficiary of the land can transfer the Patta in their name with the consent of those who are considered the immediate heirs of the deceased.
  • Or if there is a sale/purchase of the land, then the Patta could be transferred to the buyer of the land.

Patta Name Transfer Procedure:

The procedure to transfer Patta name of the property is similar to that of Patta land registration. The Tahsildar has the rights for accepting or rejecting application after reviewing the property details and the submitted documents. The following documents need to be submitted to the Tahsildar of the respective Taluk Office for name transfer in Patta:

  1. A signed and filled application form for the transfer of Patta (
  2. Sale Deed (Photocopy) along with the original for verification.
  3. Proof of possession such as the Paid Property Tax Receipt or electricity bill.
  4. Encumbrance certificate taken from Sub-Registrar’s office upto the date of registration.
  5. Old Patta copy
  6. Aadhaar card copy
  7. Challan (for payment)

Note: Currently, most of the Tahsildar offices are having e-services center, so if you go to the Tahsildar office they will guide you to go to the e-services center. The e-services center will ask all above mentioned documents except the application form. They will scan the documents and assist in completing the application for you.

Upon submitting a Patta Name transfer application, an receipt with Application ID will be given.

The Patta can be obtained online for a fee of Rs.100/-.

This article is written by Ashwin Kumar, Chartered accountant.


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