Hacks To Keep Your Apartment Cool During Summer

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  • Mar 25, 2020

The summer reason not only increases the temperature but also it shoots up your electricity bill. You need to know how to keep your place cool without increasing the utility bill. Here are a few tips that help you to keep your apartment cool this summer season.


Natural approach 


To reduce the humidity that arises due to the direct sunlight, then you can resolve this issue by using the cold water along with peppermint essential oil in a diffuser to purify the air. You can also reduce the electricity bill with the help of natural light to dry your clothes rather than using any machine to dry it. Mini garden with indoor plants can reduce the humidity and it also gives a pleasant feel to relax and refresh yourself. Buy your perfect property at MyPropertyBoutique where you can find plots, villas, apartments and many more at affordable prices.


Installation of solar panels


Solar panels can highly minimize your electricity bill. It is installed on the roofs and operated by absorbing solar energy and converting it into electrical energy. Hence this process can save your electricity bill to a large extent. But it is quite costly to install the solar panel. So it is recommended to prefer this method based on your electricity needs and usage.


Service your Air Conditioner


Check your air conditioner to reduce the consumption of extra energy. Clean the air filters in order to keep it dust-free and to increase the life of the air conditioner as well. It is advised to undergo periodical services which highly saves the life of the air conditioner and it reduces the consumption of electricity also.


Use blackout curtains


Survey has confirmed that 30% of the heat comes from the outside environment. You can block the unnecessary heat by using the blackout curtain which helps to reduce the temperature.


Wrapping up


Hot weather could be dealt with, by encouraging the use of shades, curtains etc. Get a better air circulation by keeping the doors and windows open during night times. You can find better-ventilated properties at MyPropertyBoutique at affordable prices. Do check the website for more details.

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