Garden Wall Ideas For A Blissful Outdoor Garden

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  • Jan 31, 2019

If a garden wall is done in a proper as well as delightful manner, it can become the focal point of your outdoor garden as well as the overall living space. There are various ways to build up a garden wall, irrespective of the aesthetic.
So, whether you are building a new garden wall or refreshing the one you already have, you can use these outdoor garden wall ideas for your house:
Setting Up Pots In The Garden Wall
To start with, you can go for a simplistic look for your garden wall. You can hang wall pots which give an overall floral appeal to the wall. While picking the wall pots for the garden wall, you must keep beautiful floral hues in mind. Adding pop of colours to the wall offers a dash of vibrancy to the whole garden. You can play with flower colours like pink, blue, purple, or even your favourite colour, to add multiple layers of flower pots on the wall.
Matching House And Garden Walls
This may sound like a cliché, but another great option for a garden wall is to build it with the same material your house walls have been built with, including the paint. However, this is only possible in some cases, but will look great as the matching of the two walls will only add to the beauty of the garden. For instance, if your house is built with red bricks, you can go for red bricks for your garden wall décor. 
Garden Wall In The Backyard
In case you have a back garden, then rejoice, for there are plenty of outdoor home garden wall ideas for you to try from. As the backyard is not exposed to the main street, it makes for a great garden setting in terms of privacy, leaving more room for you to experiment with. One of the best garden wall décor ideas for a back garden can be using aged bricks, preferably limestone bricks, which impart a classic vibe to the whole garden.
A Modern Makeover
One of the garden wall ideas that will look classic is making a wooden garden wall. When it comes to wooden walls, it perfectly complements an outdoor garden. Once you make a wooden garden wall, you can then go ahead and experiment with the other garden wall decor ideas if you want to. For instance, you can use ornamental grass to add a modern touch to the garden and complete its overall look.
Small-Sized Garden Walls
If you have a small-sized garden, you will need a smaller garden wall. There are plenty of garden wall decor ideas that you can try. First thing that you want in a small-sized garden is not to make it more cramped and closed. So, in order to prevent such a thing, here are some hacks:
  • Use lighter paints or lighter bricks on the wall so as to keep the garden more lively-looking.
  • Built the garden wall with bricks at the bottom and wrought iron fencing at the top so as to let sunlight fall through it. 
Vertical Garden
Constructing a vertical garden is one of the best outdoor house garden wall ideas. This is because the vertical garden will blend with the rest of the greenery of your outdoor garden, offering one of the most splendid gardens which anyone can wish for. 
You can play around with some ideas in setting up your vertical garden. For instance, at the top of the vertical garden, you can rest the flowers and planters, and make the natural green colour pop all over the wall. 
A Garden Wall That Grows Salad
Instead of setting up your garden wall with pots of different flowers and plants, one thing that you can do is to grow salad on your garden wall! Yes, it is possible as you can grow different herbs and lettuces, such as cilantro, basil, etc. and say hello to your very own delectable salad wall!  
Some Basic Gardening Tips To Round It Off
If you are still building your outdoor garden, then you must try out certain gardening tips. Before you start planting, you should always check the type of shade your plant would want and only then put plants in different shades as per their requirement. Apart from this, one of the best home gardening tips that you can follow is to start with plants that are easy to grow. For instance, you can grow roses, sunflowers, foxglove, etc. first, and move on to the rest later.
These outdoor garden wall décor ideas, along with these gardening tips will keep your efforts in good stead, helping you create a garden wall that’s a delight for your senses.

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