Fresh decor ideas for your living room

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  • Apr 01, 2019

Are you thinking of redecorating your living room? Or are you looking for some great living room décor ideas for your new house? If you think that your living room needs revamping, then you could really use some fresh décor ideas for it.

Sometimes, decorating your living room does not need a huge amount of spending. There are plenty of ideas for you to implement in order to bind the key elements of your living space together and that too without spending much. 

Thus, to design your living room without much effort and expenses, you can follow these easy but effective living room décor tips:

Layering The Rugs

Layering of rugs is a living room décor idea that’s often ignored by many. The trick involves more than 2 rugs i.e. one oversized rug that will be the base and 1-2 relatively smaller accent rugs that will go on top of it. The base rug can be a natural jute/cotton rug or a solid rug. You can choose neutral colours, such as ivory, thick beige, light grey for the oversized rug. When it comes to choosing the smaller accent rug, you can go for artistic patterns or vibrant colours. For instance, you can use geometric patterns, ethnic or traditional rugs for the accent rug.

Generally, people consider spending on other decorative items for their living room, such as tables, sofas, and other furniture pieces as compared to rugs. This makes rugs one of the most underrated decorative accessories for living room, and at the same time an ingenious décor idea. 

Space Out

Space Out

You can play around with the idea of emptiness. Follow these tips - choose a small-sized sofa, keep pieces away from the walls, use glass table tops and mirrors so as to create an illusion of added space, and get rid of unrequired pieces. A nicely decorated living room is not about what’s in there but what’s not in there. Put the decorative objects for the living room in such a way that it does not look cramped.

Add Terrariums And Plants

To breathe more life into your living room, you can add some indoor greenery. This décor idea works great in rooms that have neutral colours because the pop of green colour instantly brightens up the room. If you take a dull shelf and put some plants on it, it will instantly liven up the shelves as well. Therefore, plants are great home decor items for the living room as well as other parts of a home. 

You can also put a terrarium in the room. Terrariums are sealed transparent globes in which we grow plants, and are one of the best decorative things for a living room.

Invest In A Sideboard

If you have a TV in your living room, you can use a sideboard for it instead of a TV stand. You can buy a sideboard even if you do not have a TV. Sideboards are decorative pieces for the living room which provide space for storage while looking great as a décor piece in the living room. You can easily buy a sideboard at a store or when you do online shopping for home accessories.

Personalise Your Living Space

You can create a memorable wall gallery with family photos or put up your child’s artwork if you have kids. You can also put up photos of your previous generations for a more vintage like appeal on the walls of your living room. Hence, it is safe to say that photos or artwork make for a great home interior decoration item, especially in the living room.

These ideas include some of the best inexpensive and simple house decorative items for the living room which are a must try for any kind of living room. Utilize them to enhance the look of your living room and elevate it to another level. 

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