Everything You Need To Know About Rahu Kaal

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  • Feb 19, 2019

RahuKaal which is also spelled as Rahu Kaalam, Rahu Kaala and Raukaala, is an inauspicious time during the day. As per Hindu astrology, a period of around 90 minutes every day between the sunrise and sunset is Rahu Kaal. 
Who or what is Rahu?
As per the Hindu Mythology, Rahu is the severed head demon by the name of Svarbhanu. The demon is responsible for swallowing the sun that causes eclipses. Rahu is shown with a human head that has a serpent’s body, and is seated in chariot that is drawn by eight black horses. The other name of Rahu is Bhayanaka, and it is considered one among the nine planets in astrology, that too a maleficent one. While every other planet has one day of the week dedicated to it, 90 minutes of every day are dedicated to Rahu, and this period is called Rahu Kaal. 
Rahu Kaal Is An Inauspicious Time
In India, when looking for auspicious times and dates, Rahu Kaal is given the utmost importance; this period is strictly avoided. According to beliefs, auspicious work, like commencing new ventures, marriage proposals, journeys, interviews, business deals, sale or purchase of property etc., will never yield good results if done during this time-frame.  
Rahu Kaal Only Applies When Starting Ventures
One thing which should be kept in mind is that Rahu Kaal is inauspicious for starting new things, like purchasing a house or commencing construction of it. The tasks that have already started during the auspicious time can continue during Rahu Kaal. 
Similarly, routine tasks that were started during an auspicious time can always be continued during Rahu Kaal. For instance, if a task or journey is started before Rahu Kaal, it can go on during the Rahu Kaal, and be completed after Rahu Kaal without any apprehensions. Do not start a new enterprise or sign up any new documents during Rahu Kaal.
Rahu Kaal Chart
Here is the Rahu Kaal Chart to help you plan your activities accordingly:
     Raahu Kalam
     Gulikai      Yamagandam
4.30 to 6 3 to 4.30 12 to 1.30
Monday 7.30 to 9 1.30 to 3 10.30 to 12
Tuesday 3 to 4.30 12 to 1.30 9 to 10.30
Wednesday 12 to 1.30 10.30 to 12 7.30 to 9
Thursday 1.30 to 3 9 to 10.30 6 to 7.30
Friday 10.30 to 12 7.30 to 9 3 to 4.30
Saturday 9 to 10.30 6 to 7.30 1.30 to 3


While the chart will help you with time the commencement of a new activity, it is still advisable to consult an astrologer, especially if the work you wish to undertake is important to you, like purchasing an apartment. 

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