Benefits Of Investing In Under Construction Flats In Chennai

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  • May 30, 2019

If you check out the top 10 construction companies in Chennai, you will be able to see a certain trend where almost all the companies will be offering at least a couple of under construction projects for people to invest in. While ‘ready to move in’ apartments may be all the rage among people buying residential property in Chennai, there is no doubt that even under construction flats have a lot to offer to investors. There are several benefits of this investment decision, which is why the entire list of construction companies in Chennai promotes such projects for homebuyers.

Lower costs of investment

The cost: When it comes to investing in property, cost is of course one of the most important things that a buyer has to keep in mind. And of course, when it is about under construction projects, not only are there a number of top construction companies in Chennai offering various projects, but they are also available at great prices. Of course, the buyer will have to wait for a longer time to get possession, but it is definitely worth the cost.

RERA: Since RERA has come into full force, construction companies in Chennai have to stick to their proposed schedules and deliver the projects on time; otherwise, the buyers will be liable to receive compensation from the builders for the delay caused.

Finding a project: You should of course make a list of construction companies in Chennai that are trustworthy to look at for a worthy project that you can invest in.

ROI: After you have invested in an under construction project, you can rest assured that the price will only go up i.e. your investment will only grow in value over time.

Choice:  Most construction companies in Chennai will let investors choose their apartments in the floor layout of an under construction project. This gives you more choice.

Flexibility in Payment

When you buy a completed property from one of the top construction companies in Chennai, you have no option but to pay the entire amount, as well as the registry costs and miscellaneous expenses. However, with under construction projects, you are supposed to pay 10 to 15 per cent of the booking amount. Then, you either pay EMIs to the bank for a financed property or as per the proposed construction plan.

More Value for Money

Construction companies in Chennai that are offering under construction projects also offer you great value for money. You get a newly constructed property that is of course going to last longer. When moving in, you would not have to worry about repairs or other such things. When you are about to spend a lot of money on property, it makes sense if you choose the newest one, and also, the newer the construction is, the more amenities you can expect.

Chance to Get Good Discounts

If it is a complete house or apartment, you will be expected to pay the market rate for it, and in some cases more, depending on the amenities and features it offers. It is really hard to get discounts or offers for ready to move in properties. But, with under construction properties, even the top construction companies in Chennai are eager to attract homebuyers. This means that there are several discounts and offers available. Investors may be offered foreign trips, gold coins, free parking space, membership to the clubhouse, etc.

There are several people who need to buy a home in order to settle as soon as possible, but if you can hold it off for a while, you will be able to notice that an under construction property has many benefits to offer to potential homebuyers.

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