Amenities to Look for When Buying a Flat in Chennai

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  • Sep 10, 2018

Other than the kind of apartment you buy, it is the amenities available in your housing society which make your living comfortable. In fact, amenities play a far bigger role in the world of real estate than one can imagine. From ensuring that you have a good and comfortable lifestyle to being a contributing factor in the price calculations of a property, amenities go a long way.

Often times, the property relocations that people make is for a want of better amenities alone. When you are investing a big sum of money to have your own house where you can settle down peacefully and enjoy your life, you have got to look for factors that ensure the same.

To guide you in the right direction, here’s a list of 7 top amenities that people most demand while searching to buy flats in Chennai

1. Power back-up

We live in times where power outages prove to be big hindrances to our work and life. From a copier machine at a workplace to a mixer grinder in the kitchen of a house, there are numerous devices, which we depend on for our day-to-day activities, which work on power.  Hence, it is understandable as to how important sound power supply and a 24×7 power back up are to our lives.

When searching for flats to buy, availability of power back up is one of the first things you should check, to avoid troubles later on.

2. Safety and security system

Irrespective of the area where you are looking for flats in Chennai, unless they offer good security and safety to the residents, no one will be willing to buy an apartment wherein their belongings and they themselves are not safe.

Flats generally prove to be more secure than independent houses as top real estate developers in Chennai offer a host of security measure in such residential properties. Among these round-the-clock security measures, intercom facilities, CCTV surveillance systems, fire-fighting equipment and professional security guards take top precedence.

3. Eco-friendly living

Eco-friendly developments are a big trend not just in Chennai’s real estate but in that of other parts of India as well. Even though builders have to go by set legal standards for environmental safety when bringing up a real estate project, eco-friendly living is something that goes beyond that.

This mostly involves features that promote green living and boost environment friendly culture among the residents. Such amenities generally include water conservation, rainwater harvesting, expanses of lush green land, solar panels and so on.

4. Healthy lifestyle

Developers have observed that the presence of amenities that promote healthy lifestyle such as gymnasiums, mediation centres, yoga classes, sports facilities and so on in the building complex or immediate neighbourhood are also factors encouraging people to buy apartments.

In this busy and fast going life, maintaining one’s health has become a tough task, and having facilities such as the ones mentioned above, helps with the case.

5. Entertainment options

For want of a fulfilling life experience and a break from the monotonicity of everyday life, people stay on the lookout for entertainment options close to where they reside. Leisure and fun-oriented facilities such as clubhouses, cafeteria, bar lounges have also made their presence in the modern-day residential developments in big cities including Chennai.

6. Parking space

Troubles relating to parking spaces are not a new subject especially in metropolitans such as Chennai. Hence, residential communities or flats in Chennai that offer reserved parking to their residents attract more buyers. Visitor parking space is also something that you must keep in mind when planning to buy a flat in Chennai.

7. Social infrastructure

The presence of social infrastructure nearby can be a big advantage. That’s because shopping complexes, medical stores, hospitals, colleges and schools, temples and other similar establishments close to your apartment can make your life far easier. You wouldn’t need to cover long distances every time you needed to buy groceries. Such proximity to social infrastructures is especially helpful to people who are new to the city or locality.

When checking out the flats to buy in Chennai, see to it that such features are in and around your apartment, as that will also help you fetch a high resale value in case you plan on selling it in the future.   


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