9 Reasons to Buy an Apartment in OMR, Chennai

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  • Jan 22, 2020

Due to increasing economic growth in Chennai, the real estate sector has been expanding at a quick phase. This opened up many residential complex and hubs in this city, and one of the popular residential centres located in OMR.

There are huge IT and corporate companies located in OMR, so there is a massive demand for homes in this area. This locality offers many options like luxury homes, affordable housings, and apartments for all needs and necessities that match world-class standards. Here are the nine reasons to buy apartments in OMR.

#1. Price point

Compared to other areas in Chennai, OMR offers affordable rates according to consumer needs. If you want to buy a simple 2 BHK apartment or even a luxury villa, the prices are reasonable than the other main areas within the city.

#2. IT Hub

OMR is called the IT hub of Chennai; there are several huge IT names present in this area this especially lead to the development of real estate in that area. In future, there will be a lot of companies than now.

#3. Transportation

Transportation is the main advantage if you are willing to invest in apartments in OMR, people can easily travel to any area around Chennai without any difficulty. The connectivity has been widely developed in OMR.


#4. Infrastructural Development

We can proudly declare that OMR is one of the well-developed areas in Chennai. The main lanes are extensive and urbanized even the interior roads are broad and well maintained in that region.

#5. Good Investment

If we think about it, buying a flat or apartment in OMR is an excellent investment in the long run. This area is slowly becoming commercial, and people are moving into homes because of its IT sector.

#6. Benefits

Residential hubs in OMR comes with several advantages such as swimming pools, playgrounds, supermarket, and so on. There are so many community activities within the hubs also. So choose the one that is best suited for your needs.

#7. Environment

As OMR is away from the central city, there is less noise and air pollution as compared to the other parts, and also there are many trees and green coverage in the residential area, so it is overall healthy to stay in this area.

#8. Popular places

There are so many famous beaches near to OMR such as Thiruvanmayur beach, Kovalam beach, ecr beach, etc. It is also known for various other famous spots like lakes, museums, food spots and many more.


#9. Overall Development

It is predicted that OMR will be a fully developed area shortly, the state government is encouraging more developers to invest in this area.

 To conclude, investing in an apartment in OMR is a smart move and beneficial in the long run.


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