7 Important Things to Ask a Real Estate Builder before Buying a Flat in Bangalore

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  • Jan 22, 2020

Buying a property can be a tedious process in itself, and some people see it as their dream home and for some it a business or future investment. Be it any way, before investing in any property; some crucial questions needed to be addressed by your real estate agent to get a clear idea of what you will be dealing. Here is the list of things to ask a real estate agent before investing in apartments or flats in Bangalore.

The credibility of the Constructors.

Before investing in flats or apartments, check the previous works of the constructors and gather reviews from various sources so that you have a clear idea of what is in the store. Do your research before asking the real estate builder and see if both things match.

Location of the project.

The area has to be convenient for yourself and your family, make sure there are facilities and connectivity before that satisfies your needs before making a purchase. Check with your realtor if there are necessary facilities and transportation available in the area you are investing in.

The Price Range.

The cost is the most important thing to ask before investing in a property, so you will have a clear idea if it is affordable or not. Other than that there are many invisible costs like the taxes, GST, extra charge for general facilities, etc. so, make sure to get a detailed explanation from the real estate agent.


Legally Approved.

While purchasing any property, it is essential to ask your builder all the legal and official documents related to your building. These legal documents include RERA approval, Water and Municipal Corporation approval, Construction plan certificate, tax receipts, etc.

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