5 Innovative Ways to Celebrate this New Year’s Eve in Your Apartment

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  • Dec 12, 2019

Activities and celebrations are a major part of fun activities in every apartment in Chennai to develop a cultural relationship with the neighbourhood. As we are drawing closer to the New Year, there will be lots of plans and fun activities in the queue. My property Boutique has listed some of the innovative ways to celebrate this New Year Eve in an unforgettable with your flatmates. 
Fun Games for kids and elders
Though this might look old, Games are the most loved activities of all age groups. Get out from regular games like musical chairs, dumb charades and try something different. 
Paint your wall: This game is exclusively for kids to develop their creativity. Ask the kids to paint in an empty wall of their favourite cartoons. 
Gol Gappa competition: Who says no to Gol Gappa! Call out your flatmates and go for a Gol Gappa (Pani Puri) competition. This will definitely be a fulfilling game with laughter around. 
Ask Questions: Call out the newlywed pairs and ask questions separately and check their ideology. Make sure you the questions are funny and too personal. 
  2. Have a BYOA Food Fair
Get away from the regular food feast and try a BYOA food fair for this new year celebration. Apartments in Chennai will have people of the different community in one place. So, a BYOA food will help people to taste the food of all communities and grow a cultural development among the flatmates. At the end of the feast, announce the winner of the best food and compliment with a memorable gift. 
  3. Go for DIY Decorations
The decoration is the major part of any celebrations. It is the basic thing that attracts all the party visitors eye. So, go for attractive decorations. Here are some of the unique ways to decorate your apartments. 
Use Oxygen Balloons
If your planning to celebrate in a close-set place, then colourful oxygen balloons with memorable photographs will make the place look more attractive. 
Ribbons and LED lights
Use ribbon curls to hang down from the top of the ceilings and LED lights to make your place more bright and colourful.  
   4. DJ Music and Dance 
Welcoming a new year without music and dance is incomplete. You can put DJ music with rock music, Remix songs and make your flatmates enjoy the New Year Eve to the fullest. While organizing the DJ music, make sure you do not trouble the neighbours and have concern towards the usage of electricity.  
  5. Ramp Walk 
Get out from the usual activity and try out a fashion or traditional ramp walk show. This will definitely be a fun activity where people from all age groups will participate. Categorize people as per their age group and give a theme for the ramp walk show. This will show the unique talents of individuals and their styling sense. 
Hope, you loved reading this blog article. This New Year Eve, try these innovative celebration ideas in your apartments and start the year with sweet memories. If you are planning to buy Apartments in Chennai for this New Year, then Contact My Property Boutique and best use our seasonal offers.

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