5 Décor Ideas To Give Your Kitchen A Unique Look

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  • Feb 04, 2019

You might have flipped through latest design magazines to look for kitchen interior design ideas. But in most cases, the time and budget suggested by the magazine would be something that you would be lacking. To help you redesign your kitchen, we have some quick and easy kitchen décor ideas that will give your kitchen the update it deserves. The best part about the kitchen decorating ideas is that you can mix and match them as per your needs or use just one or few of them together. 
Since we see things at eye level first, the most noticeable change you can make to your kitchen involves the walls. But alas, most kitchen design ideas focus on the appliances, countertops and other gadgets, while the walls are ignored. This leaves you looking at a boring wall with an outdated paint job. To help you update your kitchen style, here are 5 kitchen interior design ideas:
     1. Choose A Colour Palette
The best, fastest and one of the most inexpensive ways to update a look is by colouring the walls of your kitchen. A good looking, colourful kitchen doesn’t happen by accident. There is a secret to it, and that secret is the three-colour palette:
  • Colour 1: This is the colour that can’t be changed; this may be the colour of the countertop or cabinets. 
  • Colour 2: This is a neutral colour of your choice. You can use it for a new wall colour. Try to make it compliment the colour 1. This colour will serve as the kitchen’s backdrop. 
  • Colour 3: This is the colour that makes your kitchen truly unique. This colour is mostly bold, and is the most unexpected colour that works for the palette. This colour will add pop to your kitchen, and should be used as statement piece for your accessories like vases or cookware.
The best way to find this three-colour palette is to get paint swatches in the shades you like. You can then shuffle them around until you find the combination that makes fits the mold. 
     2. Start With A Focal Point
The best way to redesign your kitchen is to see it as a visitor would do for the first time. Look at your kitchen and think about the things that you notice the first time. Is it something you like? If not, what is it that you would want to notice first? If it is the closest wall of your kitchen, then that spot will become your focal point. 
Remember that focal points visually attract your attention. Compared to the rest of the area, the focal point should be bold and unique. To create a focal wall, try anyone of these techniques: 
  • Paint the focal wall in the ‘bold’ shade from the three colours you choose earlier.
  • Hang a large art piece on the focal wall.
  • For wallpaper, opt for textural or patterned ones
     3. Use The Latest Trend In Kitchen Wall Decor — Open Shelving
So, you have made your kitchen look fresh with fashion forward colours and a focal wall. But if want to give your kitchen décor a new look, you need to add layers. The latest trend in kitchen interior design ideas is the use of an open shelf and an upper cabinet-free look. This looks lightens the kitchen’s appearance by creating a visual space, but needs you to hide all the mismatched glasses and Tupperware in fewer cabinets.  But instead of removing the existing cabinets, you can try updating your kitchen wall décor by placing one or two floating shelves on a wall. These shelves come in different styles and are pretty easy to install. Keep these shelves to a minimum, and colour coordinated.  
     4. The Curated Kitchen Wall
Set your kitchen apart from the rest by decorating it as per your personality. Collections for walls are popular with designers and magazines because they are unique and make a wall interesting. You can also gather favourite objects together and use them for kitchen décor.  Some kitchen décor ideas for the walls include:
  • Baskets
  • Framed Album Covers
  • Framed fabric swatches
There are no fixed rules. Patterned, symmetrical and freestyle placements - all are good. To save time, you can arrange your collection on the floor before hanging them for the best placement. 
     5. Personalize With Chalkboard Paint
Black chalkboard paint is an inexpensive and great way of decorating your kitchen. Since black is a bold and eye-catching colour, it will make for a perfect backdrop for your changing chalk art. If you don’t have wall space, a door or cabinet surface can be a good place to apply the black chalkboard paint. 
Choose those kitchen décor ideas which mirror your personality, and beautiful it will be forever! 


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