4 Easy Ways to Organize Your Graha Pravesh Ceremony

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  • Dec 27, 2019

Buying a new home is the biggest challenge for many people but organizing a Graha Pravesh ceremony looks much harder as it involves many pujas and auspicious activities. Organizing Graha Pravesh differs from every culture to culture, but certain primary purpose largely remains the same. The general belief behind this ceremony is the reverence to the gods, and solemn prayer to be blessed with happiness, peace and prosperity in the new abode. 


No matter want kind of property investment you make (villas, apartments, or flats in Chennai) People always start with a Graha Pravesh ceremony as a solemn prayer to God for a better life. Graha Pravesh is usually organized on an auspicious day and time, as determined by the priest through astrological charts. It is believed that organizing Graha Pravesh on an auspicious day will bring good luck and fortune to the residents in the new home. In this article, we are going to see the best ways to organize Graha Pravesh ceremony. 


Prepare a Guestlist


Guests play an important role in Graha Pravesh ceremony. Usually, they will be a closet of relatives and friends in the ceremony. It is very important that the new home as everything that can manage so that we can limit our guest list. Prepare a guest list that does not chaos your function mood. For say, it would be quite chaotic to invite 100 people for 2BHK as it will be sophisticated to accommodate such a large number of people.


Go for a theme decoration 


Decorating the new house is the biggest and important task, as a void house looks likely to be distasteful. You can choose various themes like fragrance and beautiful flower garlands, exquisite rangolis, LED lights and colourful ribbons & balloons. Make your new home look more aesthetic by opting for colourful flowers and rangolis in the entrance.  


Make space for proper seating


Graha Pravesh ceremonies mostly take place in an empty house, where the furniture is less and most people sit down on the floor. Make sure that you have comfortable rugs and mattresses on the floor. As the ceremony takes longer time, make sure that the mattresses are clean and problem-free to the guest as its objective of purifying the surroundings.


Check for ventilation


As a new home does not have furniture like a fan, a/c, ventilation would be a major problem. Also, may yajnas and puja would take place, the house will be surrounded by smoke so, make sure that the house has a proper ventilator like table fan, exhaust fan and windows open. 


Welcome your guests with happy faces and treat them in a good way. Use flower garlands in the entrance to greet your guests. Also, arrange some fun activities for the kids to keep them away from boring ceremonies. Moving to a new house is a significant and most auspicious occasion for us. We all would prefer a puja ceremony before starting our journey. Follow the above the ways to make your Graha Pravesh ceremony the most memorable one in your lifetime. If you are planning for perfect property investment in Chennai, then contact MyPropertyBoutique team to spot out the best property in Chennai based on your requirements and budget.


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