4 Decoration Ideas for a Larger Balcony in Your Apartments

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  • Dec 14, 2019

Speaking of an apartment or condo, a balcony might be the only private outdoor space you will have. Thereby selecting decor will now be relatively hassle-free as you would like to make the most out of it.
So if there is a bigger balcony, you are at liberty to add more amounts of pieces seeing that the size is big. However, filling the space can be a challenging venture.
Provided you get enlightenment by borrowing some principles from interior design, a significantly functioning enthralling balcony is developed irrespective of the size.
(i) Create Zones
When dealing with the decoration of a large balcony in one of the Flats in Bangalore, space can be easily broken up into zones. Begin things by finding the activities you want to engage in on your balcony. For developing a dining area outdoors, create one with a table and chairs set. When you want to sunbath, create a space with lounge chairs. Provided you know what zones your balcony will have, then choose the apt furniture and accessories.
(ii) Going Green
If your balcony is the only outdoor space in all your Properties in Bangalore, add plants to integrate some greenery. For a larget balcony, you can add citrus trees which, apart from adding colour, will provide ample privacy. It is reinforced by planting climbing vines as well. Speaking of small potted plants and flowers, they are the perfect choice if you want to decorate your balcony railing with greenery.
(iii) Vary Lighting
When we consider your villas in Bangalore, on a smaller balcony, a pair of wall-mounted lights will be enough to lighten the whole space. For a more massive balcony, there is a need for multiple lighting options. For cheap options, go for string lights. They are the best fit for subtle mood lighting. Solar LED lights, on the other hand, are more costly, but they can be placed anywhere in the balcony.
(iv) Remember to add accessories:
Speaking of substantial space, it is accessories that forge a big difference. Thereby it is necessary to integrate some final touches to the balcony's decor. Wind chimes create a serene mood. Use colourful outdoor rugs along with outdoor pillows and cushions as well to lighten up the balcony furniture. A big birdhouse or a stone statue will also serve to enrich the area even further.

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