Beach Paradise

Beach Paradise: Holiday homes by the beach on ECR

Beach Paradise wakes you up to soothing views of the endless deep blue sea. Tucked away from the city buzz, this paradise helps you to focus on yoga, a plunge in the gentle waters and a went spent time with loved ones.

Beach Paradise, promoted by Bora Housing Limited, An Exclusive gated community of only 18 like-minded people with diverse backgrounds who will enjoy the grandeur of an exotic life.

It is located adjacent to the TNRDC toll plaza on ECR – 7 kms before Pondicherry border on ECR. The project extends from the main ECR till the beach.

It’s a 90 min drive from chennai, 45 mins from Mahabalipuram. Close to Auroville & Pondicherry university.

For details Call: 9884041812 email: website: